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Barlows Electrical

The Future of Personal Transportation is Electric

As part of our promise to “build the future”, one of our latest projects was concentrated on the future of personal transport in the UK.

Indeed, we are excited to announce that we have just finished the development of a native app and a web app for Barlows EV.

Barlows EV have a network of electric car charging points that form part of the integral new structure designed to support green energy focussed transport in the UK. Barlows EV are one of the key agents for green transport change in this country.

The apps that KIJO developed are used to map and monitor EV charge points across the UK. Customers can find the point they want by using the helpful location services and start the charge directly from their phone.

From the web app side, stakeholders can monitor the usage, viability status and revenue of each of these charge points on a clear and intuitive dashboard.

One of the key tasks in developing these apps was to condense the complex data that these services present into an easy to understand set of displays and tools.

That is why, similar to the energy that powers the many vehicles that will be using these charging points, KIJO made sure that the apps that they designed were clean and forward-thinking.

As user experience was central to the brief, KIJO developed uncomplicated user journeys that got users exactly to where they wanted to go in an efficient and rewarding way.

This meant thinking deeply about the best tools and functions for each type of user and tailoring the design of both apps to suit their respective audiences.

Both app’s clean and professional design also provided a level of style with a high level of functionality. Highlights in terms of the function and appearance of the apps included:

  • User-friendly flow patterns, particularly on public-facing app
  • Use of industry APIs to allow the connection of electric vehicle charge points from different manufacturers
  • Minimalist and straightforward design.
  • Customised timer functionality on the public-facing app.

The Barlows EV apps are one of our latest success stories and one we are proud to have completed.

Barlows Dashboard
Barlows Software
Barlows Software Reports
Barlows Login
Barlows Charge Points
Barlows Software Manage Chargepoints
Barlows Software Dashboard
Barlows Software Companies
Barlows Dashboard Mobile
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Barlows Software Dashboard
Barlows Software Login
Barlows Software Login
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