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Form Builder Software to Increase Productivity and Profit

Noti was created to provide businesses with a digital alternative to endless paperwork. Working in close collaboration with our client, we designed the brand before developing a web app and native app, complete with intuitive form builder. We also created Noti’s marketing website to showcase the technology to business customers.

The Challenge: Design a Digital Form Management Tool

Our client came to us with a concept, it was up to us to bring every facet of that idea to life. First, we needed to establish a brand identity, deciding everything from the brand name to the logo and colour palette. Then, it was time to figure out exactly how the app should function.

Our initial research highlighted four key deliverables we had to provide:

  1. We needed to deliver an intuitive form builder that provided unrivalled functionality.
  2. Excellent usability was a must, customers needed to be able to easily edit, send and submit forms.
  3. Forms are completed on the job, therefore offline access and a seamless user journey were essential.
  4. The platform had to be secure, with various user permission options available.

Our Solution: Design a Feature-Rich App for Paperless Businesses

The Brand

We didn’t just build the app but imagined the entire brand. We chose a vibrant colour scheme for a modern feel. Our logo was inspired by the form builder and GPS feature of the platform. Combining these icons, we created an immediately recognisable logo that clearly depicted the purpose of Noti.

The Form Builder

Noti’s success depended on the quality and usability of the form builder. We needed to make it easy for customers to recreate paper forms digitally and design completely new templates.

Our bespoke form builder includes a wide range of data input types including text, signature, dropdown, checkbox, numeric, GPS location, file uploads and more. When creating a new form, users can use the drag and drop interface to arrange and configure any number of these elements.

We also offered pre-built forms in the Noti master library, which can be used exactly as they appear or edited to better suit requirements.

If clients need to change an existing form, they can simply edit it as required and Noti will automatically update the form for all users.

We wanted to make sure all Noti clients could provide a professional service to their customers and employees; businesses can add their company logo and issue branded online forms via PDF.


Businesses thrive when they use efficient systems. We included an array of organisational features in the client dashboard. Admin can view and add users, edit account details, and access all forms within the form library. Forms are organised into categories and both users and forms can be searched for by name making quick data retrieval a breeze.

Responsive Design

Fully responsive, companies can access the Noti web app and their dashboard from any connected device.

Native App

Users invited to complete a form are sent a link to download the Noti native app, available on both Apple and Android devices.

As many forms are completed on the job with unpredictable internet service, we made sure that users can complete forms while offline. The Noti app syncs the data once a connection is re-established. Users can view their recent form submissions and are notified when their form has been successfully submitted, ensuring no loose ends.

We designed a GPS location ping, with it users can check-in and out of job sites and businesses can easily understand team movements. As additional proof of completed work, users can pin photos and videos to any submitted form.


All app data is safely stored with Amazon Web Service cloud hosting. Companies also have full control over user permissions and access. All created forms sit within the clients form library, from there they can easily select which users have access to which forms.

Marketing Website

We created a marketing website to accompany the Noti web and native apps. Here, customers can read about Noti’s vision, learn about the features in more detail and sign up for the service.

The Results: A Smart App Aiding the Switch to Digital

Whether a company relies on paper-based forms, inspections, checklists, timesheets, or audits, the Noti app provides a secure digital alternative. We developed a brilliant working relationship with our client, surpassing their expectations and providing an array of additional services.

We met all of our key deliverables, delivering an app with advanced functionality that was a breeze for companies to adopt. Fully scalable, the Noti platform can be used by small businesses and large enterprises. 

Noti App
Noti App
Noti App
Noti App
Noti App
Noti App
Noti App
Noti App
Noti App
Noti App
Noti App
Noti App
Noti App
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