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A New Brand Helping You Succeed in Future Business Ventures

A new consultancy in the commercial travel industry, BluJ required a full brand design to accurately showcase the quality and professionalism of their business. Working closely with the company, we built a brand identity in line with their core values and long-term business vision.

The Challenge: Build a Distinctive Brand Identity

Starting with a blank canvas, our job was to bring the BluJ brand to life with stunning visuals and a recognisable design. We needed to deliver all branding essentials, from logo and colour palette to long-term brand guidelines.

Our Solution: Showcase BluJ’s Style and Precision

We approached the project with KIJO’s Build The Future methodology. Our initial research and development indicated that a polished, coordinated colour scheme with distinctive visual cues would deliver the stylish, professional brand image we wanted to present to potential clients.

Brand Logo and Icon

We first designed a clean and modern brand logo and icon. Made using a precise grid layout and consisting entirely of circles, the icon combines elegance and accuracy, both key elements of BluJ’s service. The logo is highly adaptable, while the main logo should be used where possible, the BluJ icon is a recognisable logomark that can be used on its own.

Brand Graphic

Inspired by the circular framework used when creating the logo, we also designed a brand graphic consisting of 3 connected circles to add a further layer of visual interest. A supporting design element, the graphic is used to visually connect sections of text or standalone images to the wider brand.

Colour Palette

We chose a harmonious and memorable colour palette that would become synonymous with the brand. Carefully selected green, blue and grey tones achieved a cool, professional aesthetic. We used dark green for impact and a stylish sage green as our primary accent colour. A rich, dark blue and pale grey added further variety and depth to the colour palette.


This paired well with our modern, Helvetica Neue typeface, and delivered a fresh identity that showcased the bold new service. Utilising a variety of weights, we developed a consistent text hierarchy, a useful visual technique for brands that need to convey a high level of information to their customers.

Icons and UI

To further aid the customer journey, we create a series of icons and UI elements that BluJ could incorporate into their future website design. We built each icon using the same grid system as the brand logo to deliver crisp, visual uniformity. Buttons, link formats, banners, headers and footers were all created to achieve a consistent style across all digital platforms.

Tone of Voice

The brand tone of voice needed to strike the perfect balance between informative and approachable. We ensured the BluJ voice remained personable, with phrases including, ‘Helping You Succeed’, peppered throughout the collateral to develop consistent trust signals.


Alongside this, we included our professional photography. We removed the background from images so that the focus remained firmly on the individual subject, again providing a personable touch to the brand.

Final Thoughts: Our Build the Future Process Delivers A Complete Brand Vision

Our methodical approach ensured no avenue was unexplored in our pursuit of the perfect brand design for BluJ. The final result was stylish, professional and approachable, the perfect combination for a consultancy brand new to the market. Designed with longevity in mind, our brand guidelines and timeless visual creations ensure BluJ’s brand identity will remain relevant as the company continues to grow.

Bluj - Branding
Bluj - Branding
Bluj - Branding
Bluj - Branding
Bluj - Branding
Bluj - Branding
Bluj - Branding
Blu-J Branding Smartphone
Bluj - Branding
Blu-J Branding
Bluj - Branding
Blu-J Billboard

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