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Vibrant, Colourful, Attention Grabbing and Unique

Tychon asked the KIJO team to design a brand that was vibrant, colourful, attention grabbing and unique. The colour palette combines colours which feel rich, bright and are a visual delight for the eyes. The deep dark purples contrast with the white and sharp blue to create a brand that stands with its head held high. 

The exuberant colours are not just for show they work to articulate Tychon’s services, all while providing an enjoyable engaging experience. Through illustration Tychon’s process is given a burst of life, reaching out and asking users to take notice. 

Tychon unapologetically demands your attention and it’s hard to say no.

We created a dynamic brand for Tychon, jumping on the brand name’s Greek meaning of “hitting the mark” to build arrows into the logo.

We chose strong typography with bold, clear lettering. This makes the website easy to read and highlights the key points.

A bright colour palette helps the brand stand out in a crowded market. We chose blues to trigger a sense of reliability and confidence in users.

For the website, we wanted to create an experience that users would remember. This helps keep users engaged and encourages them to explore deeper into the website. For technical services such as R&D consultancy, a great user experience is key in delivering both an informative and memorable website.

To do this, we used animation throughout the website. The homepage header has an animated background, indicating the speed of service with sparks of light shooting across the page. 

The user needs to feel confident in Tychon and find the process smooth and easy to navigate. We made this simple, highlighting calls to action with movement.

We used micro-interactions in the buttons, navigation and enquiry form to encourage users to click through. For pages articulating services, animated illustrations, parallax scrolling and an eye-catching animated background help avoid information-overload. 

This website design is full of animation and a great UX, smashing our highest scores on both CSS Design Awards and Awwwards.com.

Tychon - Branding
Tychon - Branding
Tychon - Branding
Tychon - Branding
Tychon - Branding
Tychon - Branding
Tychon - Branding
Tychon - Branding
Tychon - Branding

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