A strong brand is one of the most important and exciting elements of your marketing strategy. 

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Build the Future

Our 12-step method ensures successful web design from start to finish. We take it step by step to guarantee every component is completed on time, with correct insight.

We establish a transparent, collaborative relationship with our clients, with frequent touch points throughout the project. In our Discovery phase, we delve into the details, defining the project goals to find the perfect solution for you.

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Understanding your Business on a Deeper Level

The key to designing the perfect brand is doing the theory first. Before we think about creating, we take time to understand you and your business.


Focusing on the strategic future goals of our clients gives us a much deeper understanding of what the brand should deliver. Once we’ve gotten to know you, we then turn our attention to your customers. We uncover detailed customer personas to know exactly who your brand is targeting.


We gain a thorough understanding of the current landscape before deciding on the best course of action. We look at the marketplace and see how competitor brands are performing. Putting ourselves in your customer’s shoes, we experience your brand as it stands, across all touchpoints. Following a detailed review of your brand, we know what’s working well and the areas requiring improvement.

Design Process

At KIJO, we build brands which will stand the test of time. We cover everything from digital assets to your tone of voice.

Discovery & Strategy

We love to dig deep into the current brand positioning, working out all the pain points and discussing where we can take the brand in the future. We conduct this phase through our highly rated interactive workshops.

Mood Board

To establish the visual direction your brand is heading in, we create a mood board inspired by your values, business goals and other amazing brands.

Ideas workshop

We create multiple concepts and branding prototypes, working with you to get it exactly right. Often the trickiest part of our client journey is choosing your preferred design. Once decided, we get to work polishing and perfecting the final look.


Now we get to work on creating the initial brand concepts! We get our pencils & sketch books out, our iPad pencils and we start to formulate ideas, exciting times.

Brand Identity Elements

Once we agree on a concept we want to move forward with with put the concept into actions creating multiple brand identity elements showcasing the brand in all the touch points it will be used in moving forward.

Brand Guidelines

Once the brand has been created it’s time for the brand guidelines document. This document will guide you through everything you need to know about using the new brand and its intentions.

Brand Collateral

Where is the brand going to be showcased? Printed material? Email signatures? We can create all your brand collateral both digital and print.


Brand Identity Elements

At KIJO, we build brands which will stand the test of time. We cover everything from digital assets to your tone of voice.


A logo represents your entire brand and is used across all settings, therefore it’s important to get it right. We create multiple concepts, each bespoke and unique, before deciding which best represents you.

Brand Positioning Statement

We create powerful brand positioning statements that become a core element of your marketing foundations. A strong statement encapsulates who you are, targets your specific audience and differentiates your brand.

Colour Palettes

Colour directly affects how you feel. There’s a science behind inciting the perfect reaction in your customers. We refresh an existing palette, work within brand guidelines or come up with something completely new for your brand.


Your typography is so much more than just a beautiful font, it’s an essential branding component. Intelligent typography helps to establish visual hierarchy, improves the clarity of message and sets the tone for your brand.

Tone of Voice

What you say and how you say it are equally important. We have a dedicated copywriting team that can breathe words into your brand, striking the perfect tone of voice.


Custom-built bespoke elements are what set quality brands apart. Icons are highly valuable branded elements that can be used across all of your customer touchpoint and business platforms. They establish visual consistency and showcase a high level of detail and quality.


Unique brands need custom images that express who they are. Photography is especially important if your business revolves around human connections. Providing a human face that your audience can connect to will inject life and personality into your brand.

UI Elements

Intelligently designed UI elements add to your brand’s overall style. They are a valuable opportunity to deliver consistent visual sign points that add clarity to the user journey and solidify your brand design in their mind.

Brand Guidelines

Guidelines provide a stable foundation on which to build your new brand. Outlining how it looks, how it works and how to use it gives you the confidence to use your brand for
maximum success.


Consistency is the key to looking professional and being remembered. Having brand guidelines ensures that anyone working on your marketing – whether it’s your internal communications team or an agency – upholds the look, sound and values you want to project.

The Brand

Our guidelines begin by introducing your brand, before delving into the precise details that keep everything consistent.

The Brand System

We cover each of your brand identity elements in turn, detailing their proper form and use. As designers, we know how to make your brand guidelines clear and usable for internal teams and external providers.


To clearly convey what your brand looks and feels like, we showcase it in all its glory, across all applications.

Resources & Assets

A one-stop-shop that will empower internal and external teams with all the resources they need when designing for you.

Brand Collateral

We can utilise your new brand guidelines document to create any brand collateral you require. 

Business Card

Still a great way to showcase your brand and share your contact details in a face to face environment. We can even create augmented reality business cards if you really want to impress!


Posters are a great way to showcase your brand and display your key messaging. Wether this be in a retail environment or in an office setting we can design a range of sizes and designs.


Letterheads strengthen your brand image and can be used both digitally and in a physical format, at KIJO we can design both.


A well crafted brochure serves as a perfect way to introduce your business. Distributed correctly your brochure can expand your brand visibility and are great marketing tools to reach out to new customers.

Animated Logo

Make your logo come to life as we animate it for digital. Use it for social media or the opening screen of your website.

Social Post

We can create any type of social post you require following your brand guidelines. We know all the size requirements & aspect ratios for the most popular social media platforms.


If you use signage throughout your business be this physical or digital then it needs to include your brand. Talk to us today about your signage requirements.

Name Badge

Branded name badges in a retail environment are a must. We have created branded name badges for some of the UK’s most well known retail brands.

What else do we offer

Additional Services

We don’t just create your new brand, we help you launch it to! We also provide on-going support post launch.

Launch Plan

Internal Brand Launch

First, we launch your brand internally to your team and stakeholders. This is an opportunity to get everyone on the same page. We explain the goals of the brand and how it will be used moving forward.

Launch Plan

External Brand Launch

One of the most exciting milestones for any business is going live with your new brand design. Depending on your requirements, this may include updating websites, social platforms, physical branding and more. We manage every aspect, ensuring cohesive delivery and clear communication with your customers.


On-going Brand Support

We can support you and your team with your brand after it’s launched. Wether that be creating new brand assets, continuing the roll out of the brand or through brand management the KIJO team is on hand to support you on your brand journey beyond the initial launch phase. 



At KIJO we specialise in a number of different sectors, we have the experience to tackle all branding challenges but some of our best work has come in the following industries.


We have worked with healthcare companies and University Hospitals NHS in conjunction with the NHS to create simple, effective brands for both patients and practitioners. Creating a brand that resonates with patients, team members, health care professionals and the general public.


Generate more sign ups, achieve greater customer loyalty and stand out from the competition with a KIJO SaaS brand. The software world is competitive so a strong brand offering is essential for success.


Everyone remembers the iconic gaming brands they 1st interacted with. In gaming brand is massive and a good brand will create fans & communities loyal to it. Are you X-box or Playstation? a great example of brand affinity.

Duel Gaming Website

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We assess every project indiviually and then provide a bespoke proposal based on the project requirments. However as a guide we would usually say 6-12 weeks.

We can create brand assets for an existing brand but we would need to have certain file formats. We would also need to see your brand guidlines document and if you do not have one we would need to create one prior to starting work.

We create bespoke proposals based on the project goals & ambitions, however as a starting figure we wouldn’t work with a budget of less than £6,000.

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