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Creating a New Design System for Online 3D Product Builder

The Crucial Trading Rug Builder allows users to design their own rugs either from scratch or using pre-set popular designs.


Users can choose their required dimensions and materials before using the Augmented Reality app to visualise the rug in their own space.


What had the potential to be a major part of Crucial Trading’s marketing and sales strategy, however, wasn’t quite reaching its full potential.


They required the team at KIJO to redesign the rug builder in order to make it more inspirational and informative. The brief also stated the need to modernise the UI and implement better methods of data collection.

An Exciting Overhaul

The Crucial Trading brief was clear, the rug builder needed to be rebuilt in order for it to reach its full potential.

Initially there was no way for a user to collate all of their built rug designs in one place and it wasn’t clear how to actually use the rug builder or what its purpose was.

The KIJO team needed to transform the rug builder into an application that would inspire users and showcase the diverse and quality range of Crucial Trading rugs available.

A key problem for the Crucial Trading team was the lack of data for the rug builder. The software had the potential to be a data goldmine offering intel on levels of engagement and popular designs.

If available, this data could be used to plan marketing campaigns and push certain rug designs to specific audiences.

The rug builder required a complete overhaul.

Transforming the Front and Back End

The main focus for the KIJO team was improving the UI of the rug builder to help improve its functionality and user engagement.

We introduced specific onboarding screens and tooltips which guide the user through the process of using the rug builder, covering everything from selecting the right size to placing an order.

The addition of a save rug feature in the account area also now allows users to collate all of the rugs they have built and designed in one place.

A key feature that the KIJO team implemented was a new ‘popular rugs’ section which showcases the most frequently built rug designs. Users were then able to choose the same design or use it as a starting point, rather than having to work from a blank canvas.

The start page was also revamped to create a welcoming and inspirational entry into the application with the use of lifestyle imagery of rugs in homes.

One of the biggest changes we made was to the backend of the rug builder with the introduction of a statistics dashboard.

This features key data for the client including the number of rugs that have been built, the average time a user spends on the builder, the amount of new users accessing the builder and the most popular rug designs within each category (centre, inner border, outer border and piping).

The Results

The overhaul of the Crucial Trading rug builder was an exciting and challenging project for the KIJO team as we worked to improve and optimise an existing application for the very best results.

Thanks to the KIJO team’s strong understanding of the client’s requirements and service offering we were able to transform the UI, design and functionality of the rug builder so that it could finally run at an optimal level.

The new-look rug builder has seen an increase in the number of built rugs per day from one to nine.

Users now spend an average of 10 minutes on the rug builder and the Crucial Trading team has access to an unrivalled data source that can inform their sales and marketing plans moving forward.

Most importantly for us, the Crucial Trading team are delighted with the work KIJO implemented on the rug builder and are excited to see it in action.

Rug Builder Dashboard
An engaging introduction to the rug builder built to inform users of the process and inspire them with some popular rug designs.
Previously, as a new user, it wasn’t clear how to use the Rug Builder or what its purpose was. We introduced a step by step guide onboarding the user from start to finish.
Rug Builder Redesign
We have made a number of improvements to the rug builder both from a visual perspective and user experience.
Redesigned UI
The UI was completely evolved with new features including a top bar navigation reducing clutter from the 3D rug area, the ability to save and open saved rugs and the ability collapse panels putting maximum focus on the rug design itself.

What's been said

One of the clients goals was to gain more data and understanding of trends and demand on the rug builder. We introduced a statistics dashboard featuring numerical stats and data on the most popular materials that were selected by their audience.

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