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Duel Gaming

Revolutionizing the UK's Gaming Community

Are you ready to Duel? Designed, developed and marketed by KIJO, Duel is a brand-new gaming platform transforming the UK gaming industry. We designed the brand, built a bespoke web app that brought gaming to life and created a marketing website to engage our target market.  

The Challenge: Build an Exciting New Platform for UK Gamers

Our client’s ambition was to launch a new gaming brand bringing competitive e-sports to UK gamers. A thriving market in the US, our client wanted to create a UK-based platform where gamers could compete for cash prizes.

Our Solution: A Competitive Gaming Web App

The Brand

First, we designed the entire brand aesthetic and came up with the name of the platform- Duel. Inspired by our target market research, we created an innovative visual identity for the brand, with influences from old school 90s games.  

The icon shape has roots in gaming pads from the past, ranging from the SNES in the early 90s to a PlayStation 1 controller.


Our research informed us that potential users of the platform would be 25-45. Therefore, our colour palette was inspired by retro games that would have been popular when our target market were teenagers.


Duel Gaming Typography
Duel Gaming Typography
Duel Gaming Typography
Duel Gaming

Web App

When designing the web app, we wanted to ensure the user flow was seamless from login to match play. We worked on multiple versions of the wireframes to find the best solution for both the end-user and our client’s KPIs.

How It Works

  1.   Register to Duel 

Create a Duel account to access the library of game modes including Duel, Matchmaking and Tournament modes.

  1.   Find an Opponent

Send out a quick Duel Challenge, join the Matchmaking Queue or find a Tournament to take part in. Whichever avenue you choose, find your opponents and get ready to show them what you’re made of.

  1.     Play & Earn

Once you’ve signed up and found an opponent, it’s time to play. Set your wager and Duel! Play to win, because whoever is victorious takes home the prize money.

Game Dashboard

With 4 of the most popular online games to choose from – Fortnite, FIFA, Apex Legends & League of Legends – the game dashboard is where you pick the game you want to play.

Game Modes

We created 3 uniquely branded gaming modes for the Duel platform: Matchmaking, Duel Mode and Tournament. Which mode would you choose?


This is where competitive users of Duel will spend most of their time. You can analyse your league position based on each game and see where you rank compared to your friends.

Marketing Website

We built a marketing website to advertise the platform and connect with users. We aimed to create an immersive experience for visitors which felt as if they were in a gaming environment. We achieved this effect with 3D character animations throughout the site.

Final Thoughts: Ready for the Next Phase

It’s still early days for the platform, however, our BETA test group is oversubscribed and the feedback on the visuals has been overwhelmingly positive. We can’t wait to see how this translates to users!

“Creative, commercial, well-organised, proactive – terms which can’t often be applied to one organisation, but in the case of KIJO, they describe the service we have received perfectly. So pleased with the work they have done for us in developing our e-commerce business and very excited about the future and continuing to work together. Thank you KIJO team.”

Helen Pedley, MD of Duel

Duel Gaming
Duel Gaming
Duel Gaming
Duel Gaming
Duel Gaming
Duel Gaming

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