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Home Page

KIJO worked with the leading UK platform for tender alerts B2B Quote on the design of their new website and a re-design of their alert software. One of the large elements of the project was to improve the performance of the website homepage. Analysing the data we had available to us we could see the homepage bounce rate was too high and not enough users where searching for tenders through the homepage search bar.


Having looked at a range of popular SaaS websites we decided that we needed the new B2B designs to stand out in a crowded market. To achieve this goal we created a whole set of bespoke illustrations in the B2B brand colours. We initially created 3 different illustration style concepts and after feedback from the client was able to move forward with their favourite choice.

It’s The Little Things That Matter

The devil is in the detail and that certainly stands true for the designs of the B2B website. Analysing every website section in separation helped us to ensure that all parts of the website had the attention to detail that we believe is required to create a market leading design.





The previous B2B website was not optimised for mobile or tablet devices and with 30% of the traffic on the website from mobile devices this was a big concern. At KIJO we have been designing mobile 1st websites for over 5 years so a responsive experience was part and parcel of what we delivered for the client.

Registering & Booking

The primary call to action for the website is the ability to register for free, the percentage increase of free registrations when the new designs went live was a core KPI for judging the projects success.

Persuasive Design

With a clear primary call to action and established KPI’s on how to judge the projects success we was able to design with results in mind. Designing the website with a clear user journey and a hierarchal colour scheme helped achieve a clear increase in registrations.

User Flow

The websites primary call to action was to register for the service for free and this was our main focus. However we also needed to clearly identify where existing users could login into the system and thirdly where users could book tender workshops which is a secondary service B2B quote offer.

Trust Signals

As with any on-line offering trust signals are hugely important to the success of the project. We designed a bespoke icon set in the B2B branding to be utilised across a number of strategically placed trust signal sections on the website.

Final Thoughts

The website has achieved over achieved on its primary KPI of increasing registrations to the B2B software. Not only this but the client and user feedback has been hugely positive and the new design has helped re-establish the B2B brand recognition.