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Set to disrupt the way GP services are accessed in the UK is the brand new platform Click GP. Click GP is an on-line application that allows UK residents to book and attend video consultations with a doctor on demand.

The Brand

Seeing a GP or discussing your health with any medical professional is a private & personal matter, as patients we need to trust & have confidence in the doctor we are speaking to. With this in mind we knew straight away that the brand position of Click GP would be super important to the platforms overall success.
To evoke the emotions of trust and safety we decided to use a colour palette with a heavy focus on green & blue. We also focussed on creating a soft letter form.


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Web app

The Click GP system sits within a web application. This means its is accessible on-line via all device types without the need to download any software before signing up and utilising the system.
Personal Dashboards
Multiple user types means multiple dashboard designs. We designed bespoke dashboards for each of our 3 user types; admin, doctor & patient. Each dashboard import different data set’s and presents the user with the most important information for them upon login.
Live Consultations
Click GP offers live consultations with doctors via video chat. This gives on-demand access to all users to GP’s throughout the UK through a tablet, mobile or desktop computer that has video calling capability.
Book Your Consultation
All consultations are booked directly through the Click GP web application. Each of the 3 different user types for the application has a different view and feature set for the booking system. Patients can view and amend previous and current appointments and of course make a booking.
Full Medical History
A big trust signal for the new system that has been incorporated is the ability for doctors and patients to view a full medical history. Patients can view their own medical history with doctors being able to view the history of any patients that they have consultations booked with.


Doctor Dashboard
The doctor dashboard is designed to allow this user type to see all the most important data points instantly in a summary screen as soon as they login to the Click GP system.
Patient Dashboard
The patient dashboard is designed to allow this user type to see all their most important data points instantly upon login. These data points for patients include when their next appointment is due to take place and a record of previous appointments.
Admin Dashboard
The admin dashboard has a different set of data points compared to the doctor and patient dashboards. The admin dashboard includes a view of clinics that are planned or taking place and a list of notifications sent to the admin from doctors and patients since their lost login.


Live consultations are conducted via a video chat system built within the Click GP application. Patients can book an appointment on-line and 30 minutes later be speaking with a doctor anywhere in the UK. This truly de-centralises the availability of GP services in the UK.

Book Your

Login and instantly book a consultation with a UK based GP. Creating a bespoke booking system that worked to a set feature list and specification was a core element of the Click GP system.

Full Medical 

The ability to view your full medical history was developed as a feature that also acts as a major trust signal for any patients booking an appointment with an online GP. This gives the patient the comfort of knowing the GP has access to important notes and also gives the patient the ability to view this medical history themselves to check it is correct.


The Click GP application is a web app that is marketed via a SEO optimised, responsive website. The Click GP website is the main driver of business to the application and is the central hub where patients sign up to use the service.

The Results

The Click GP application launched early November 2019 so we are still waiting for data for the results. However the early adoption of the system and the user feedback received so far has given us great confidence this project has been a huge success.


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