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A new pier to pier platform that is transforming the UK gaming scene, bringing esports experience to the masses

The Brand

Taking inspiration from the history of gaming we created a modern take on a retro logo. We wanted the logo to be instantly recognisable within the gaming community.
Duel Logo
The icon shape has roots in gaming pads from the past, ranging from a SNES in the early 90’s to a Playstation 1 controller.


Our market research told us that potential users of the platform would be 25-45 and therefore our colour palette was inspired by retro games that would have been popular when our target market where teenagers.


Web App

The main platform has been created as a web application. This allows users of all types to access Duel without the need to download any software. The web app leads gamers through 3 main gaming options.

How It Works

1. Register To Duel
Register as a user on Duel, create an account and claim your unique Duel username. The process is simple & easy to complete.
2. Find An Opponent
Do you want to Duel against your friends or play against a complete stranger? Duel facilities all types of opponents.
3. Play & Earn
This is your opportunity to play the online games you love and earn money while doing say. Isn’t this every gamers dream?

Game Dashboard

With 4 of the most popular online games to choose from (Fornite, Fifa, Apex Legends & League of Legends) the game dashboard is where you pick the game you want to play now.

Game Modes

We created 3 uniquely branded gaming made for the Duel platform. Each gaming mode is now instantly recognisable. What gaming mode would you choose?


This is where the competitive users of Duel will spend most of their time. You can analyse your league position based on each game and see where you rank compared to your friends.


To add to the social element of Duel we have created a profile page for each user. Here you can check out each players match records, Duel score, when they joined Duel and their personal avatar.


The marketing website we designed includes lots of animation. We want users to feel immersed in the platform from the minute they land on the website as if already in game mode. The website comes alive and grabs your attention immediately.

The Results

Its early days in the platforms launch, the designs have been hugely well received, watch this space for the results of our work over the next few months!


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon
Results Coming Soon
What can I say other than this looks really, really, good – thank you!
Helen Pedley, MD of Duel