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The Brand

Working closely with the founders of the exciting new start-up Greenlife CBD the KIJO team created a new brand identity & eCommerce website. We strived to create a brand that would stand out in this emerging but competitive market.
We created the logo to visually represent plants being transformed into liquid, which is the actual process for a number of the Greenlife CBD product range. We also wanted the logo to resemble public safety signage so that anyone seeing the logo would recognise the product as being a medical/health related product.


We wanted the colour scheme to represent the core ingredient of the product and so we used a dark, forest green as one of the main colours. We complimented this green with a vibrant yellow to represent the positive impact using CBD products can have on your health.



Greenlife do not have a physical retail location so 100% of their sales are generated through the eCommerce website we designed and developed. We built an easy to navigate, product focussed website that was optimised to rank well on Google and responsive across all device sizes.
We designed the mobile version of the website to have app like features, allowing users to quickly find and purchase the products they are looking for with the minimum amount of clicks.


It was important that after we created a strong brand identity for the Greenlife brand and transferred this across to the eCommerce website that we then continued this brand identity into the product packaging. We designed product packaging for all of products in the Greenlife CBD range.


With each product we decided to create a bespoke icon as a unique identifier, giving each product its own mini brand. As with all the icons we create at KIJO they where designed and created from scratch by our in-house design team.

The Results

The visuals speak for themselves, receiving high praise from users and industry experts. The client backed this up by giving us a 10/10 when asked for a net promoter score.


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