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Precise Mortgages

Standing Out in an Established Market

For a mortgage advice company like Precise Mortgage Solutions, creating a memorable brand in a crowded market is a challenge. They asked us to design a brand which establishes their identity and sets them apart from their competitors.

Standing Apart from the Crowd

In a market where consumers are overwhelmed by choice and facing some of the most stressful decisions they will have to make, Precise Mortgage Solutions needed to stand out and be noticed as the modern and effective company they represent. With an established market, it is important not just to be unique, but also to be memorable.
We presented a mood-board using the clients’ requested colour palette of grey, black, white and red, offering varying shades of red and options to add a second accent colour. The final result of their choice was to use a bold but muted shade of red to avoid the challenges of a colour often used to symbolise danger. This accent is used sparingly, as a block colour, for a modern feel.

Precision Detail

In our initial research, we found that logos using representations of houses were unlikely to be singled out from a list as they are so common. We also wanted to avoid drawing on the idea of ‘military precision’, as this might produce some negative connotations and alienate people from the brand. We presented three new concepts, and the client chose the looping ‘P’ shaped arrow which links the brand name and logo in the customer psyche.
We integrated precision as a concept directly into the design at pixel level. The arrowhead lines up directly with the stem of the ‘P’ to create a straight line, and the loop also mimics the initial letter to denote a signature. These fine details help cement precision as a brand attribute for the consumer.
Our product mock-ups helped the client to visualise using this logo in their communications, and their positive response shows our hard work paid off. We are proud to have designed these visuals for Precise Mortgage Solutions to set them apart from their competitors.