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Crucial Trading

Creating a 360 Online Presence with a Native App

The Crucial Trading native app was lacking in engagement and was disjointed from the company’s website and rug builder.


Crucial Trading, therefore, asked KIJO to revamp their native app, creating consistency and congruence between this, their website and rug builder with the goal of increasing user downloads and conversions.

A Confusing Customer Experience

Whilst the existing Crucial Trading app was a great addition to their online presence, it had serious limitations when it came to functionality and UI.

For starters the app was only available on iOS, limiting the number of users who could download and utilise the app’s features. A key part of the client’s brief for the KIJO team was to expand the platform base of the app, introducing an Android version.

The native app had noticeably poor engagement yet both the Crucial Trading and KIJO teams knew that with some expert attention, the app had the potential to increase customer conversions and brand awareness tenfold.

In addition, the app also had to be used in conjunction with the Crucial Trading website, it wasn’t possible to use it as a standalone platform, which was causing a negative impact on customer opinion and experience.

Customers were put off from using the app due to its confusing interface and lacking functionality.

Crucial Trading therefore required the KIJO team to transform their native app, both aesthetically and functionally, in order to create a cohesive experience across all of the brand’s touchpoints.

Creating Cohesion

Thanks to the close relationship between the disciplines at Crucial Trading and KIJO, we were able to transform the app to meet their exact vision and goals.

We introduced new key features to the app including the ability to browse products, order samples and find inspiration. We also integrated the rug builder technology from the Crucial Trading website, revamping the UI to work within the parameters of a mobile device.

By minimising the rug builder interface it ensured the focus remained on the rug creation.

The native app needed to be able to function on its own, separate from the Crucial Trading website and thanks to the introduction of the rug builder technology, this was made possible.

We also took steps to improve the functionality of the Augmented Reality section, making it more intuitive.

The interface of the app as a whole is now much more accessible and easy to navigate through, thanks to the use of clever prompts and the new ability to save rug designs, order samples and send them to a retailer, all within the app.

Elements such as the addition of a swatch library similar to that available on the website ensures that the brands online presence is cohesive across all platforms whilst the mobile app and website now communicate with each other, allowing users to access saved rugs from their account on the website and rug builder within the app.

A key goal for both the client and the KIJO team was ensuring that users get the same quality experience on the app as they do at other Crucial Trading touchpoints.

The Results

We ran some internal testing with the crucial trading team with some positive feedback. They specifically liked how easy it was to know build rugs on the move. The sales team in particular found that it was now on a mobile device a big advantage. The app is planned to be launched on August 1st 2022.

My Account
An engaging account area allowing users to access saved rug designs and view the rug in their space by using the AR feature.
Custom Rug Builder
We integrated the rug builder technology we developed for the website into the app. The UI was revamped to work within the parameters of a mobile device. A focus was put on giving as much clear space to the rug as possible and minimising the interface giving it maximum emphasis.
Augmented Reality
We improved the existing Augmented Reality functionality to be more intuitive and less dependant on the website. The interface is now much more informative and walks the user through the process of viewing a rug in their space with clever prompts. We have removed any pain from the experience by introducing saved rug and rug building abilities directly in the app.
We introduced a swatch library into the app similarly to the website allowing the user to browse through products and order samples.
Order Samples
We introduced a simple process for users ordering samples of their favourite products. Using saved details from the account area, ordering a sample takes an impressive 2 clicks.
Find Inspiration
We introduced an inspiration section giving users help finding their perfect rug. This pulls in imagery of the Crucial products in live environments. There is also the ability to access the product pages of the products on show in the photography so users can explore them in more detail.

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