Whether you’re an industry-leading organisation or a small blog owner, our Managed Cloud Hosting Plans offer scalable solutions at affordable prices to cover your every need.

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Technology Stack

Our forward thinking solutions are sure to offer your digital platforms the support and services they require, 24/7.

Google Cloud

Meet your business challenges head on with Cloud Computing Services from Google. This service includes data management, hybrid & multi-Cloud, and AI and ML.

Google Cloud


NGINX accelerates content and application delivery, improves security, facilitates availability, and allows scalability  for the busiest websites on the Internet.

PHP 8.0

PHP 8.0 is a major update of the PHP language. It contains a whole host of new features and optimisations to meet your specific needs.

PHP Logo
Cloudflare Logo


Cloudflare is a global network designed to make all your internet connections secure, private, fast and reliable.


WordPress Hosting

Use our Cloud based WordPress hosting solutions for impressive performance improvements.

WordPress Agency in London
WordPress Agency in London


For smaller brochure websites that are just starting out.

WordPress Agency in London


For websites that need to accommodate a growing user base.

WordPress Agency in London

Business +

For established businesses with a large user base.

WordPress Agency in London


For large businesses with lots of users and bespoke website features.



The KIJO Process



Talk to the KIJO team about your requirements


Audit & Review

The KIJO team will review your existing website and any hosting solution that you currently employ.


Migrate to KIJO Cloud

Your website will be migrated to KIJO’s cloud servers.


Setup KIJO Care

Setup your maintenance package.


Update & Optimise

We will update your website for an optimised performance.



We will monitor your website’s performance and uptime following on from the migration stage.



We will provide you with live reporting to check your website’s performance and uptime record on your new hosting platform.


Killer Features

Premium WordPress hosting for everyone.

Free migrations

We offer our clients affordable website hosting plans that come complete with a smooth migration. KIJO’s expert team will assist you through the migration process to ease any stress of this transition from your previous hosting service.

London WordPress Agency Our Process - User Journeys

Automatic scaling

With auto scaling, your cloud resources automatically scale up and down based on demand. This ensures that you are always maximising the efficiency of your data center whilst continuously maintaining the highest level of user service.

Dedicated resources

With dedicated hosting, you are at the center of every decision. We create an environment that’s solely dedicated to your unique service by providing a web server with its own private set of resources say goodbye to server sharing!

Automatic Scaling

Staging enviroment

A staging site is a safe environment that allows you to test out any changes you may be considering before they are programmed into your live site. This resource is typically used by developers to fix bugs and test new features without disrupting any existing production to check that everything is in working order before being implemented.

Dedicated Resources

Performance monitoring

We constantly monitor your website to gain instant insights into your availability and performance. These live data updates help you to stand out from the competition by always providing a quality end-user experience.

Performance Monitoring

Free SSL certificate

With each of our hosting packages you can rest assured that your site has premium protection against malicious attacks. We include an SSL certificate (at no extra cost!) to ensure that your users are safe and secure with every click.

Free SSL certificate

DDOS protection

The number of DDOS attacks on businesses are increasing, and so it’s more important than ever before to protect yourself against these debilitating cyberattacks. KIJO offers DDOS protection services as standard within each of their cloud hosting packages, meaning that you never need to fear falling victim to these malicious electronic assailants.

24 / 7 Uptime monitoring

Our uptime guarantee program is designed to keep you up and running 24/7, 365 days of the year. We’ll continuously monitor your site, so that if it ever goes down, we can assist you in getting it back up and running as quickly as possible!

Uptime Monitoring

Ticketed support

We use an innovative ticket system to make sure our customers are provided  with the best possible support. With ticketed access, a guaranteed response time as stipulated in your package, and dedicated customer service representatives, we’re ready to help with any and every query!

Daily Backups

Not all hosting providers offer free automated website backups, but at KIJO we backup all websites daily for each of our cloud hosting packages.

London WordPress Agency Our Process - Quality Assurance

UK Datacenters

We provide our clients hosting through UK Datacenters. For our UK based clients this provides your users with unrivalled speed and performance benefits.

CDN - Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network (CDN) refers to a geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content.



We offer 3 packages for you to choose from to find the best service to suit your exact needs.

WordPress Web Development


50,000 Users 
Daily Backups
Free SSL
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
99.9% Uptime Record

Auto Scaling & Load Balancing

WordPress eCommerce

Business +

100,000 Users 
Daily Backups
Free SSL
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
99.9% Uptime Record

Auto Scaling & Load Balancing

WordPress Websites for SaaS Software


250,000 Users 
Daily Backups
Free SSL
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
99.9% Uptime Record

Auto Scaling & Load Balancing

Diverse Experience


We have the experience to tackle all website challenges, but there’s certain sectors where our expertise shines through. Our best work has been produced in the following industries…


We have worked with different healthcare organisations- including University Hospitals NHS- to create simple, effective websites for use by both patients and practitioners. Our team can successfully create systems that display information and appointment details with clarity, whilst maintaining the highest security standards.


Public Sector

Public sector organisations often have multiple stakeholders and complex offerings for which existing websites are poorly equipped to handle. KIJO’s team of web designers and developers strategically streamline this information into targeted, logical user journeys, thus enabling users to find what they need quickly and easily.

loughborough university logo
Warwick Uni Logo


We’re experienced at working with high-end, luxury brands to create websites that highlight the brand’s quality and heritage. Users are awed and inspired by the luxury design and ease of use that is delivered- exactly the sentiment that such brands deserve.

Crucial Trading
CPC Logo


We have worked with leading establishments such as Birmingham City University, University of Birmingham, and MICRA. Students, parents and teachers all need access to very specific content and information types, and we can help you achieve this whilst maintaining a visually consistent and smoothly operating website.


Our eCommerce websites are built using WooCommerce, an open source WordPress platform which offers secure payments, configurable shipping options, and full customisation options. Optimise your conversion rates with our bespoke KIJO checkout flows.

Beast Sheds Logo
Warwick Uni Logo


Software as a Service- generate more sign ups, achieve greater brand exposure, and deliver more results with a KIJO SaaS website.

Noti SaaS


Use a KIJO SaaS website to deliver results; generate more sign ups, achieve greater brand exposure, enhance your storytelling through superior detailing, and make your game come to life with our bespoke animations.

Duel Gaming Website

What’s been said

Your Questions


As part of KIJO’s packages we include 24/7 website uptime monitoring so our team will be alerted as soon as there is a website issue. The team work to put your website back live ASAP. With an uptime record of 99.9% downtime is a rare occurrence.

Hosting is how where your website lives to make it accessible on the internet. It’s required to have your website on the internet.

Hosting is a critical part of having a website. Poor hosting will cause your website to be slow and you will lose customers. With hosting you pay for what you get and the cheapest option will be the lowest quality option.

Yes we can. We host a wide variety of websites and applications. Ranging from hotels, games and online shops. Our hosting engineers can create a tailored solution for even the most diverse requirements.

Yes we provide maintenance packages. Maintenance, website restoration and priority support are all included in our KIJO Care product.

Our enterprise package is designed for larger businesses who require custom service level agreements and have specific requirements. Get in touch to discuss your custom requirements. 

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