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Los Angeles, USA
Olympian Motors

Modern and Classic Design Combines for this Innovative Car Manufacturer

Olympian Motors are a manufacturer of electric cars, offering modern EV technology combined with classic aesthetics. 


The company approached KIJO to help transform their web presence into something that matched their unique and luxury offering. 


Their existing website was basic and lacked depth and user engagement. They needed our help in creating a website that would accurately position themselves as a leading EV manufacturer to the luxury market.

A Clear Vision

With a distinct and unique service offering, classic EV cars, Olympian Motors needed a website that helped them to stand out from the online noise.

As a relatively new company, they wanted to use their website to help them reach key financial and business goals including:

  • Increase investment from $1m to $10m by the end of 2022.
  • Increase preorders to 15 by the end of 2022.

The team at Olympian Motors knew the potential of a strong online presence but their existing website was dated, basic and simply didn’t inspire visitors.

With such a standout product offering, Olympian Motors needed a website that showcased their brand messaging and created a hub of interest in their cars.

Pages to Encourage Investment

Olympian Motors came to KIJO with clear ideas about the results they wanted their website to generate.

With these aims at the forefront of each decision, we created a dedicated page on the new website aimed directly at potential investors with the purpose of encouraging them to invest.

This dedicated investors area allowed us to display relevant content such as a pitch deck, partner showcase and testimonials to increase trust signals.

Visuals With Pre-Orders in Mind

Alongside encouraging investment, Olympian Motors were keen to increase the number of preorders for their vehicles. With this in mind we added various elements to the website with the intention of boosting pre order numbers.

These new features included prominent CTA’s throughout the website that directed visitors to the preorder page along with a sticky pre order button that is always in view as users navigate the site.

Engaging product visuals of interactions of the car driving in on scroll and renders of the car in real life situations are used across the website to encourage interaction.

The addition of a product configurator that allows customers to customise the colour of their car before preordering further helps to create a unique customer experience and encourage sales.

We also opted to include a new multistep pre order form which offers a much more engaging, intuitive and smooth experience for those signing up to pre order.

Combining James Bond with Reality

When it came to designing the website, we knew we needed to put the Olympian Motors brand front and centre.

Design details we included with this in mind included a hero banner on the homepage with a clear value proposition that is the first thing website visitors see.

The Olympian Motors brand and messaging is clear within 5 seconds of landing on the site.

We also opted to promote the lifestyle aspect of the brand throughout the website, including on the homepage, in order to resonate with the target audience.

A James Bond style aesthetic was chosen and created in the form of a design system to communicate the level of luxury and service that Olympian Motors provide.

The Results

In order to test the success of the brand messaging on the website we undertook user testing.

We gave 20 users 20 seconds to highlight the core offering and key messaging of Olympian Motors on the website homepage.

Of these 20 users, 15 were able to correctly identify Olympain Motors key messaging and service offering in the time frame, a clear indicator that the new website successfully showcases the brand to visitors.

So far, Olympian Motors have received $1.5 million in potential revenue through pre-orders since the website launched, meaning the new site is already hitting a key initial goal.

Luxury WordPress Websites

The main project goal was to increase the number of pre-orders to 500 by the end of 2022 to allow Olympian Motors to scale and launch new products. There is a number of things we put in place to ensure this happens.


Firstly, we ensured there was prominent CTAs directed towards the pre-order with the use of a sticky button and a large CTA at the base of every page.


A focus was put on ensuring the product looked great to peak the interest of users through the use of lifestyle imagery, product configurators and animations of the car. 


We also revamped the pre-order form for a much smoother, more engaging experience.

One of the goals of the project was to increase investment from $1m to $10m within 12 months. 
We created a dedicated invest page aimed at enticing potential investors to buy into Olympian’s vision. This allowed us to show relevant content that to the investors such as a pitch deck and a partners/testimonial section for trust signals.
Luxury WordPress

Another goal of the project was to ensure the brand messaging was clear and well received by the target audience. We felt that the value proposition should be clear and obvious within 5 seconds of opening the website so we made sure the hero banner reflected this. 


Olympian Motors is all about the lifestyle aspect. We promoted this lifestyle throughout the website including the home page to resonate with the target audience.


The visual messaging also needed to resonate with the target audience. We created a design system with a focus on James Bond style minimal aesthetics.

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