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What is the secret sauce that makes a company great? For KIJO its Kulture.

Introduction to Kulture

KIJO began as a simple idea: create a design agency that combines cutting-edge technology with simple visuals. Master the craft and enjoy the process of creation.

These ideals are the embodiment of KIJO at its core. They are the principles that inform our decisions and guide our actions. For 15 years we have worked on our craft and created work of the highest standard. Our long list of project success stories and client testimonials are a monument to our unwavering commitment to digital excellence.

Kulture is the secret sauce behind everything that we do. To us, great design and technology-driven creativity are some of the purest forms of art. We work hard to be the best. We work hard to know our clients’ business as well as they know it.

Our principles - to be masters of our craft, to deliver excellence - are like a roadmap between who we are and who we want to be in the future. As individuals, as a team, as a business. Everybody in our team understands this expectation. It’s why we deliver amazing results, time and time again, for the clients that hire us.

It’s why we’ll do the same for you.

KIJO Laptop
KIJO - Mike and Magda

The Story Behind The Name

Rewind to 2001, when the internet was still in its infancy.

This was a time when digital marketing and having an online presence were still strange notions to most businesses. They knew they needed to do it but they didn’t have the knowledge or support to make it reality.

Enter Kirk and Jordan, two local boys with a passion for great design and technology.

Slowly, they began to build a successful track record of helping local businesses, either by building them a website or by helping them to market themselves online.  As the number of happy clients increased, word spread - and more came.  KIJO was born.  Fast forward to the present day.  The world has evolved and so has KIJO. It’s a full-blown creative design agency these days, working with clients across the UK to showcase powerful and impactful ideas through the medium of technology.  The tech may have changed over the years but the core vision remains the same - help businesses dominate their online marketplaces. With Kirk and Jordan leading a team of gifted creatives and technical experts it’s the perfect mixture of energy and experience. Real-world long-term results with one eye on the future.  The secret to their success? Kulture.

Story Behind the Name - KI
Kirk is one half of the founding brothers and has over 15 years experience delivering results. He directs all business development and client relationship activities at KIJO and has expert knowledge on all things digital.
Story Behind the Name - JO
Jordan created his first website when he was 11 years old and has 15+ years experience in the field. Now he heads up the creative and technical direction of all client projects, specialising in Digital Design and User Experience.

Awards & Recognition

Award winning and effective.

Awards - CSSDA – Best UI
Awards - CSSDA – Best UX
Awards - CSSDA - Special Kudos
Awards - CSSDA - Best Innovation
Awards - The Drum
Awards - Web Guru
Awards - BIMA
Awards - Google
Awards - Apple

Our Location

The KIJO office is based in the Shoreditch area of London. Our office is based in WeWork, 1 Mark Square.
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Kulture Statements

Statements that shape our approach every project. Present or future these statements are timeless.
01 Perfect the Experience
Where the Users Are
Devices come and go. Mediums change as technology changes. One thing that will always stay consistent is the user at the centre of everything we do.
02 Ruthless Simplicity
Sometimes saying no is harder than saying yes. The pursuit of creating simple and elegant solutions is what drives us.
03 Combine Product
& Feelings
Design should connect with users. The experience should be visceral and emotive.
04 Foundations Built
for Tomorrow
We strive to make decisions on every project that we will look back on as solid and effective. No trendy choices here.
05 Build The Future
Digital technology and how we use it has the potential to change the world. Let's take advantage of it. The future is now.