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The Chelsea Psychology Clinic

A Bespoke Video Platform to Aid International Expansion

Following extensive work with KIJO on a brand and website overhaul, The Chelsea Psychology Clinic also tasked us with the creation of an online video consultation platform. 


The luxury psychology and psychiatry clinic based in Chelsea, London, had extensive plans for international expansion but was lacking in a branded video conferencing platform matching their luxury positioning that could be used to turn these plans into a reality.

A Foundation for Growth

In order to implement their extensive expansion plans across the UK and into Dubai, The Chelsea Psychology Clinic needed a safe and secure video conferencing product that would allow them to deliver therapy online.

The new platform needed to utilise existing trust and expertise that the clinic had built at its Chelsea location in order to deliver services to a new, wider client base.

The use of Zoom and a lack of branding across the clinic’s existing video conferencing platforms simply wasn’t communicating the level of service quality that the clinic provides.

There was also no self service option for patients to book initial consultations and assessments, resulting in large amounts of admin and a disjointed user experience for potential clients.

A Branded and Bespoke Video Conferencing Platform

The requirements for this project resulted in an exciting and challenging workflow for the KIJO team as we worked to create a bespoke video platform to meet the clinic’s needs.

The new video conferencing platform that we have created is intuitive and high quality, featuring the new Chelsea Psychology Clinic branding at various touchpoints.

The software features include chat, invite and waiting room functions as well as the ability to conduct audio and video tests.

Making Patients Lives Easier

Alongside the bespoke video platform, we also built new tools that would allow users to book initial consultations and a similar tool set for consultants to use to book follow up appointments.

This new self service system has created an exceptional user experience and journey as patients are able to be matched with consultants based directly on the services they have selected. They also have the ability to select a date and time for their assessment based on a consultant’s availability.

The new system also features integrated payment processing that allows patients to be charged automatically for future consultations.

It was crucial that we created a system that would facilitate a stress-free and positive experience for patients.

The decision to use a multi-step form as part of the self service feature meant that the platform could capture relevant information to be passed on to consultants, further enhancing the overall user experience of booking and visiting The Chelsea Psychology Clinic.

The Results

The creation of a fully-functional, integrated web app will allow the Chelsea Psychology clinic to expand their offering and increase patient satisfaction.

The web app is set to launch in Autumn 2022 and will be fully integrated with the clinic’s existing internal processes.


There are 3 types of users on the app; Patients, Consultants and Admins. Each of these has a different dashboard tailored to their goals on the app whether that be viewing consultations, editing availability or joining the next consultation. 


We have created a safe and secure video conferencing product enabling online therapy. This contains comprehensive functionality such as video, chat, waiting room and invitations. 


We provided the ability for patients to be able to self-service their initial consultation by introducing a multistep form by where they choose a service, add their personal details, choose a date & time suitable for them and pay for the consultation.

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