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A New Online Presence Doubles Visitors

Crucial Trading offers premium floor coverings, carpets and rugs to customers looking to add a touch of luxury to their homes. 


An already well-respected brand, they required a complete redesign of their current website to help modernise their online presence, improve user experience and instil confidence and consistency. 


The KIJO team worked with the client from the very start of the process, going through a discovery phase together where we identified key project goals, current problem areas and the user personas of Crucial Trading’s customer base.

The Need for an Improved Website

The existing Crucial Trading website presented the KIJO team with extensive scope for improvement, thanks in a large part to the inconsistency in branding and design. 

Due to the age of the website, the design was somewhat dated and old fashioned and needed an overhaul to help position the brand as a modern retailer. 

A key problem with the website that the KIJO team identified was the user experience. The user journey of the website was disjointed and lacking consistency whilst key product offerings such as border materials were unable to be viewed. 

When it came to performance and structure, the website was also lacking. Meta information across the website needed standardising for SEO, whilst page structure lacked focus. 

Crucial Trading position themselves as a luxury floor covering brand and it was clear that their website was not congruent to the standards and service that the company provides. 

By removing redundant pages that weren’t attracting traffic and introducing a mega menu we were able to direct attention to high-value pages. 

New Unified Design System

A website redesign is always an exciting project for the KIJO team as it allows us to implement our extensive skill set to create engaging and innovative websites that meet the client’s exact needs. 

For this project, we introduced a new design system throughout the website that ensured consistency within typography, spacing, button styles and colours. 

A key focus for us was the homepage which presented itself as dated and unprofessional. In order to bring it in line with the current high standards of websites, we implemented modern design techniques such as a hero slider with dynamic iconography and CTA buttons.

These design features helped to give the website the luxury feel it was lacking. 

We also added increased focus to the products that Crucial Trading sells throughout the website through the use of more lifestyle imagery. 

Originally the product pages on the website offered a lack of inspiration mainly due to the limited real-life photography. We therefore introduced a split-screen product page that allowed us to use lifestyle imagery to inspire and engage. 

The redesign of the website navigation made it more intuitive giving a greater aesthetic experience for users on their journey through the website. The introduction of a mega menu featuring slider functionality ensures that users are able to easily navigate the website and find what they are looking for. 

The addition of a slider also allowed us to introduce the ability for users to browse border materials in the floor coverings menu. 

The Results

Whilst the redesign of the Crucial Trading website had a strong focus on aesthetics and UI, the main goal for the client was to increase traffic to the website. 

Since the launch of the new website, visitors to the website have more than doubled from 2.3K to 5.89K per week. 

The client now has a website that reflects the premium standard of their products and service offering and an online presence to be proud of. 

Hero Banner

Powerful slider putting Crucial’s high end imagery at the forefront of the design. The slider prompts you to dive deeper into each material with dynamic CTA buttons. 

There was a key focus put on user experience with an intuitive mega menu featuring slider functionality for the Floor Coverings menu.
We refined the navigation for a more consistent aesthetic across all of the dropdown menus. Another achievement was the ability to include a lot of top level navigation items by using icons in conjunction with hover effects.
Design System
Due to the amount of amendments made to the website over the years without a design system in place, there were a lot of design inconsistencies. We created a system focussing on typography, buttons, spacing and colours to ensure consistency across all devices.
Product pages
The product pages didn’t inspire the user to make a purchase decision due to the lack of real life photography. We introduced a split screen product page allowing us to integrate lifestyle photography.
An engaging account area allowing users to access saved rug designs and view the rug in their space by downloading the AR app.

What's been said

Universal call-to-action aligning with the clients goals of follow up orders and brochure downloads.

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