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Luxury Website Design: The KIJO Team Rank the Best-Looking Websites of Top Luxury Brands

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  • May 22, 2024
Luxury Website Design

If you’re researching luxury website design and luxury websites to gain some inspiration for your brand’s new site, you’ve landed on a great article. KIJO’s expert website design team have put together their favourite recent luxury websites from the world’s top luxury brands, so you can get a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t. From the best fashion websites, to luxury car, hotel and watch designers, these are the best-looking websites we think ooze that luxury appeal. So, let’s take a look at what makes these luxury websites and their designs so successful. 

The Top Luxury Websites According to KIJO

We asked the KIJO team which were the best-looking websites in the luxury sector right now.

1. Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is one of KIJO's best-looking websites in 2024

One the top luxury brands in the world, Rolls Royce make incredible, world-renowned cars. KIJO Co-Founder, Jordan Thompson thinks the Rolls Royce luxury website design simply “oozes class and sophistication. It hosts amazing photography, video, super simple navigation and subtle, yet engaging animations. This class of website is exactly what you’d expect from this brand.

2. A Year of Cartier

A Year of Cartier is one of KIJO's best-looking websites in 2024

Cartier, another of the world’s top luxury brands, makes beautiful jewellery. Cartier launched a dedicated website to celebrate their achievements and special moments over 2023. KIJO’s UX/UI Designer, Danny Findon-Kent thinks this luxury website “is really unique. It’s branding with a difference. It has a distinctive landing page with a circular, animated carousel. It leads with high-quality photography, and is a single page with a minimal, clean layout. Complete sophistication.

3. The Damai

The Damai is one of KIJO's best-looking websites in 2024

The Damai is a five-star resort hotel in Bali, Indonesia. Co-Founder, Jordan Thompson loves “the hero video” on this luxury hotel site. “The navigation is very visible, but doesn’t intrude on the video and it has some great animations and effects overall too. The parallax effect is great (this is when different elements of the page move at different speeds) and the room scroller mid way down the page is really nice too. I like the fade in blur effect as well. Another great feature on the site is its cool footer and unique CTA at the bottom. The Damai’s is just a great website.”

4. Tipai – Wildlife Luxuries

Top luxury brands and their websites ranked by KIJO - one of which is Tipai's.

Another high-end resort hotel, Tipai – Wildlife Luxuries is located in India. UX/UI Designer, Danny Findon-Kent thinks the Tipai – Wildlife Luxuries website hosts some really “distinctive scroll animations. It also does a really good job at displaying the luxuries that the unique nature on-site has to offer due to it being a biodiversity hotspot.”

5. The OWO

Top luxury brands and their websites ranked by KIJO - one of which is The Owo Hotel's.

Staying with luxury hotels, The OWO is Raffles first UK hotel and a five-star one at that. Built on the historic royal site of Whitehall Palace, London, it also contains Guerlain’s (luxury skincare, makeup and fragrance brand) first spa. Co-Founder, Jordan Thompson thinks that the “photography and art direction is absolutely stunning on this luxury website design. It also has some beautiful scroll effects.

6. Bloom Nine Elms

Top luxury brands and their websites ranked by KIJO - one of which is Bloom Nine Elms'.

Bloom Nine Elms is a luxury apartment building in London, UK. UX/UI Designer, Danny Findon-Kent is impressed with this luxury website’s “unique take and bold decision to use bright, vibrant, citrus colours. The Bloom Nine Elms site uses multiple typography styles and imagery to convey a confident, high-end feel too.”

7. 393 West End Avenue

Top luxury brands and their websites ranked by KIJO - one of which is 393 West End Avenue's.

Another apartment building, 393 West End Avenue is located in New York City, US. It’s certainly one of the best-looking websites out there. Co-Founder, Jordan Thompson is openly a “sucker for a full screen video – what a way to capture your audience and ooze opulence. 393 West End Avenue’s luxury website also plays host to unique illustrations which helps give it a burst of personality, along with the distinctive choice of typeface. This has been married with absolutely stunning photography, just as you would expect from top luxury brands like this.

8. Mercedes Benz Sensual Purity

Mercedes Benz Sensual Purity is one of KIJO's best-looking websites in 2024

Sensual Purity is the Mercedes Benz design philosophy for all of the high-end cars they create. UX/UI Designer, Danny Findon-Kent likes the Sensual Purity’s “futuristic, luxury landing page. And then, there’s a fully unique animation as you scroll through which naturally leads you to a full-page video. Eventually, after an incredible introductory journey, you land at a visual carousel and can continue your journey on site. It’s totally captivating, and absolutely luxurious.

9. Longines

Top luxury brands and their websites ranked by KIJO - one of which is Longines'.

Luxury watch brand Longines is Website Service Leader, Liam Terry’s luxury watch website of choice. “The Longines site opens with a brilliant promotional product video which takes you on a narrative journey. Then, the website designer’s have opted for side-scrolling as opposed to traditional vertical-scrolling which is an excellent touch.

10. Henge

Top luxury brands and their websites ranked by KIJO - one of which is Henge's.

In Co-Founder, Jordan Thompson’sopinion, we’ve saved the best until last. According to him, Henge is one of the best-looking websites on our list. “Wow. The use of whitespace on this site is breathtaking. I love how it blends dark with bright, black with white. It hosts some brilliant effects on its menu too. Attention to detail like this is what sets luxury websites apart. The use of video and high-end imagery is stunning throughout the website. A big highlight is the single product pages that have black headers, and place the product centre stage. In my professional opinion, Henge is a website of absolute quality.

Best-Looking Websites for the Luxury Sector

So, you now understand what a luxury website design can and should do. You also have 10 of the most inspiring examples to refer to.

If you need further support in realising the potential of your premium website design like these top luxury brands, don’t hesitate to contact us..

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