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Luxury Website Review of the Automotive Industry 2023

Imagine you’re the owner of a multi-billion-dollar luxury automotive business. You’d want all your sales funnels and marketing channels to be perfect. Nothing less will do, particularly if you’re trying to appeal to some of the world’s wealthiest and most discerning clientele.

Reality, though, can sometimes deviate from ambition. While brands like Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Bentley are wildly successful, their website quality can vary dramatically. Some pages make you feel like you’re being thoroughly subsumed into the brand, while others are wooden or lack usability.

That’s why KIJO has reviewed 10 of the most iconic luxury automaker websites. We’ve probed the web pages of these highly successful companies, looking for what’s good, what’s not, and what’s plain ugly. 

We evaluate websites across multiple dimensions. These include impact, messaging, user interface (UX), user journey, uniqueness, and memorability. We then provide three actionable areas of improvement before giving a final score. Read on to learn more about our methodology and what we look for in a quality luxury automaker website. 

Which Luxury Automaker Websites Did We Evaluate?

KIJO has evaluated ten luxury automaker websites:-

  1. Aston Martin
  2. Bentley
  3. Ferrari
  4. Lamborghini
  5. Rolls-Royce
  6. Bugatti
  7. Porsche
  8. Mercedes-Benz
  9. Maserati
  10. Audi

Our reviews didn’t pull any punches. At KIJO, we appreciate the prestige of these car brands, but we wanted to give you a realistic picture of their website quality. By the end of our reviews, you should have a clear idea of what to expect from these brands and, by extension, what makes an exceptional auto website more generally. 

KIJO’s Luxury Automaker Website Review Methodology: What Makes A Great Site?

At KIJO, we started our review process with several objectives in mind. We wanted to: 

  • Make our reviews a fair reflection of the user experience of luxury automaker websites.
  • Provide easy-to-understand ratings, providing detail across several dimensions for measuring website quality.
  • Write in plain English to make our findings easy to understand
  • Help you understand how various automaker brands could improve
  • Offer summary, encapsulating the key points from our research and review process
  • Ensure that reviews are comparable between luxury automaker brands so you can see how they fare against each other. 

With this in mind, our reviews adhere to the following format: 

  1. Impact

First, our reviews describe the visual experience of using these sites. We evaluate the quality of the imagery, overlays, footer and menu arrangement, graphics, and video. 

We included this dimension because it’s critical for enmeshing customers in a brand and completing the experience. Luxury automakers must excite and intrigue their online customers while providing essential information about their vehicles. 

  1. Key Messaging

Next, our reviews evaluated messaging. We describe how luxury automaker brands communicate with audiences on their sites and get their point across. 

Messaging is critical because it defines the brand and creates an atmosphere. It also provides vital details that could inform users’ purchasing decisions, which is why we included it. 

For instance, during our reviews, we found that some sites, like Ferrari, did relatively little written messaging, relying more on images which weren’t always effective. By contrast, we found that others, like Aston Martin, were excellent at shaping pages with quotes from senior staff members and adding taglines. 

  1. UX

Next, we evaluated the websites’ user interfaces. UX refers to users’ overall experience when interacting with a website. It can include how easy it is to navigate, content quality, responsiveness and visual design. Factors contributing to a great site include fast load times, intuitive design, proper use of colour and typography, and accessibility for users with disabilities.

At KIJO, UX is important because it offers user satisfaction and enhances customer access to site features. It also results in better business outcomes by increasing user enjoyment and revenue. 

For example, our review discovered that Aston Martin’s site was perfect along this dimension. Cinematic visual content and intuitive interactions made it a memorable and straightforward experience. 

By contrast, Bentley’s UX didn’t fare as well. The dated grid-style layout, pixelated images, and static content didn’t do its site any favours. 

  1. User Journeys

Our reviews also evaluated user journeys – how easily users can navigate various menus and get desired results. Ideally, websites should be straightforward and lead users to functional outcomes.

Designing a high-quality user journey is essential because it helps catch leads at the top of the funnel, drive them towards conversion and encourage advocacy after purchase. For automakers, this process is critical. 

Unfortunately, Bentley didn’t do so well here. The lack of supporting copy and complicated nested menus make the user journey anything but straightforward. 

By contrast, Aston Martin did a significantly better job. Signposts guide users to various website areas, while product pages are easy to navigate. The developers also included breadcrumbs with anchor links and tools for filtering between models, which we liked. 

  1. Uniqueness/Memorability

Our KIJO reviews also attempted to evaluate a website’s uniqueness and memorability. To score well, it had to have a certain je ne sais quoi.

Of course, this approach is subjective, but it’s helpful. Intangibles are valuable to brands, particularly to the websites of luxury automakers. 

Mercedes-Benz did well here. The automaker’s website had various concepts you rarely see elsewhere, including dynamic calls-to-action and real estate on the navigation. 

On the other hand, Audi was generic. While its site has some unique touches, the layout is simplistic, and the site relies heavily on product imagery. 

  1. 3 Improvement Areas

No website is perfect. That’s why we also chose to add an improvement areas section to our reviews, covering three things we felt the luxury automaker brands could do to improve their sites. 

Our suggestions varied considerably since all sites are different. Suggestions ranged from adding brand-driven content on home pages to building clearer navigation with fewer nested items. 

This section’s purpose is to provide actionable advice and show what KIJO would do to make improvements. It also reveals how even the biggest brands in the world can benefit from professional design services. 

  1. Summary And Overall Score

Lastly, we included a summary and overall score for each luxury car brand website. We wanted to sum up our findings quickly and general impression of their sites and make it easy to compare website experience across reviews. 

Which Luxury Automaker Websites Performed Well, And Why?

Our purpose across these ten reviews was to compare and contrast ten premium automakers’ online offerings concerning design, interface, content, and user experience. Based on the data, it was clear that certain websites were better than others, both overall and along specific dimensions. 

Here’s a rundown of the scores we provided each luxury automaker’s website in descending order: 

  1. Maserati – 48/50
  2. Aston Martin 47/50
  3. Mercedes-Benz – 47/50
  4. Ferrari – 40/50
  5. Lamborghini – 38/50
  6. Bugatti – 36/50
  7. Porsche – 34/50
  8. Rolls-Royce – 29/50
  9. Audi – 28-50
  10. Bentley – 21/50

Maserati, Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz scored nearly full marks across all the dimensions listed above. The reasons for this were simple and include:-

  • Effective use of animation and interactions
  • Strong typography that’s easy to read but doesn’t bombard website visitors
  • High-quality dynamic features, such as banner carousels, model sliders, and scrolling effects
  • Minimalist design
  • Effective use of white space
  • Sticky scrolling action
  • Vehicle configurators that show changes in models visually
  • Emotive brand messaging
  • Powerful visual storytelling and interactive design
  • High-quality imagery combined with slick layouts
  • Intuitive sub-navigation. 

These auto brands effectively combined conventional, tried-and-tested website-building techniques with innovative – and sometimes downright brave – concepts. They simultaneously maximised the user journey, improved visuals, and made their sites memorable and unique. 

Rolls-Royce, Audi, and Bentley were less successful. These sites frequently displayed things that luxury automaker sites should not do, including:- 

  • Using a lack of impactful content
  • Failing to flesh out product builders adequately
  • Lacking sufficient video or imagery to entice customers
  • Lack of brand-related messaging to engage users
  • Making it challenging for visitors to find their way around pages
  • Using subpar image quality and displaying pixelated pictures and icons
  • Unclear user journey – website visitors can’t see a clear path to conversion or what will happen after they purchase
  • Dated and uncreative layouts
  • An untidy or lacklustre presentation that fails to do the products justice

Luxury automakers are in a highly competitive market where they must showcase their brand identity, product quality, and customer service. Therefore, a decent website should effectively communicate these aspects to potential buyers and existing customers. However, these brands could all benefit from improving their approach and using websites built by KIJO. 

The content and information of a luxury automaker website should provide relevant and engaging information about the brand’s history, vision, values, products, and services. The design and aesthetics of a luxury automaker website ought to reflect the brand’s personality and values and engage users. However, again, some of these brands don’t do this, as our reviews showed. 

All That’s Left To Do Is Read The Reviews!

We’ve provided a lot of information here. But your best strategy is to go out and read the reviews for yourself. Then, you’ll get a sense of the value agencies like KIJO can offer. 

If we can spot issues with the websites of multi-billion-dollar luxury car brands, we can improve yours, too!

The KIJO Reviews

Liam Terry – Head of Design


Impact – 7/10

Hero banner has a lot of impact through the use of powerful video and imagery of the product. However, when you scroll past that point, there is little content to engage the users on the home page with an underwhelming 3 column card section and the footer.

Key Messaging – 5/10

There is a lot of powerful key messaging at product level but there is a lack of key messaging on the home page to articulate the brands key messaging. There is a page called ‘Inspiring Greatness’ but it does not have enough prominence in my opinion.

UX – 6/10

There are some nice touches on the UX side of things with the menu animation and scrolling effects such as pinning and parallax. The product builder felt a little bit laggy and unprofessional with poor quality 3D models.

User Journeys – 6/10

The focus is very much on driving users to the product pages from the home page. A combination of sub menus and sticky menus are useful as you scroll through the pages. I believe the product builder could be more prominent as it could easily be missed due to it only having a small card on the home page, the odd button on the product pages and no place in the navigation.

Uniqueness / Memorability – 5/10

There are some unique touches such as the custom cursor or the menu animations. However, the layout is very basic for the most part and relies heavily on the product imagery. 

3x Improvement Areas

  • More brand driven content on the home page below the product sections
  • Add the configurator into the navigation to give it more prominence
  • Higher quality 3D models in the product configurator to match the quality of the brand]


The home page lacks impactful content, but the website’s hero banner makes up for it. The layout is basic but with nice UX touches, and the focus is on directing users to the product pages. Although, the product builder could use improvement. Custom cursor and menu animations add unique touches to the experience.

Overall Score – 29/50


Impact – 5/10

The website relies on lifestyle photography to deliver impact. However, the quality of the images paired with the design of the layout and breathing space around the images is letting it down. The harsh overlays on the image also take away from the photography.

Key Messaging – 5/10

Again, the key messaging in the most part is based around products with the carousel style hero banner. You have to dig quite deep to find any brand related messaging.

UX – 4/10

The experience is pretty poor with a dated grid style layout, static content and pixelated imagery and icons. It really doesn’t shout luxury!

User Journeys – 4/10

The user journeys are quite unclear with nested complicated menus, a lack of supporting copy and what seems like a brain dump of content on landing pages. Product pages are an improvement on other areas with the content segregated more effectively but the rest of the website seems like an afterthought.

Uniqueness/Memorability – 3/10

There is hardly anything unique on the Bentleys website. It uses outdated basic layouts paired with a dull colour palette and underwhelming typography.

3 Improvement Areas

  • More dynamic content such as videos, scrolling effects and interactions
  • More brand focussed content on the home page
  • A clearer navigation with less nested items


The website’s attempts at impact through lifestyle photography fall short due to subpar image quality and design, with harsh overlays and a lackluster user experience. While product messaging is present, brand-related messaging is lacking, and the user journeys are unclear and confusing. Despite some improvement in the product pages, the rest of the website feels lackluster and uninspired, lacking any unique elements and hindered by a dated and uncreative layout.

Overall Score – 21/50


Impact – 8/10

Large bold typography, powerful imagery and contrasting sections help deliver impact on the website. I think the addition of video content on the home page would further enhance the impact.

Key Messaging – 6/10

There is clear messaging on a product level throughout the home and product pages. Again, it is lacking any brand related messaging and therefore not taking the users on a journey through the brand.

UX – 8/10

There are some subtle animations as you scroll through the pages which add to the experience. There are also some interactive features on the product pages such as video, 3D environments that you can pan around, audio of the car engine and the product configurator. If anything, the configurator could be more advanced such as a fully rotatable model.

User Journeys – 7/10

There are clear signposts on the home page for models, the configurator and finding a local dealership. The navigation is a little overwhelming due to the vast amount of links and I feel there is opportunity to group some of the pages. 

Uniqueness/Memorability – 9/10

There is a lot of branding spread throughout the website with angled edges and hexagonal buttons. I think a bit more interactivity on the home page would make it more memorable.

3 Improvement Areas

  • More interactivity on the home page such as video content and scrolling effects
  • A restructure of the navigation condensing the amount of links
  • More brand driven content on the home page


The website boasts striking typography and contrasting sections, but adding video content and enhancing home page interactivity would enhance its impact. Despite clear product messaging, the lack of brand-related messaging is a missed opportunity. Product pages offer engaging animations and interactive features, but the configurator could be advanced. Although navigation can be overwhelming, the home page provides clear signposts. The brand’s presence is evident throughout the website.

Overall Score – 38/50


Impact – 6/10

The impact is delivered through high quality product photography in dark contrasting scenes. Aside from that, the design is very understated and looks a little unfinished in places.

Key Messaging – 5/10

There is really good key messaging on product pages but the home page lacks any messaging with just a short statement in the hero banner.

UX – 8/10

Bugatti’s product pages are a thing of beauty. They are heavily experience based taking the user on a journey through the product (especially the Bugatti Mistral). This includes audio, sticky scrolling effects and video content. However, the home page is lacking any interactivity and at the very least could benefit from some hover effects.

User Journeys – 8/10

The home page is clearly segregated and signposts users to important pages effectively. There is a mixture of product and brand driven content on the home page. The menu is also simple and easy to follow with some intuitive hover effects. Other than finding a bugatti partner link in the navigation, it is not clear what action the user is supposed to take once they reach these pages. 

Uniqueness/Memorability – 8/10

The product pages are really unique with interactive experiences that take you on a journey through the product. However, the home page is very basic and lets the website down. 

3 Improvement Areas

  • The home page needs more interactivity and attention to detail to bring it in line with the product pages
  • More supporting copy on the home page giving context to what you are seeing
  • More prominent and clear call to actions


The website delivers impact through impressive product photography, yet falls short with its understated and unfinished design. The product pages offer engaging messaging and an experience-based approach, but the home page lacks both interactivity and messaging. The home page may be well-segregated, with clear signposts and a user-friendly menu, yet the overall impact is weakened by its basic and lackluster design.

Overall Score – 36/50


Impact – 9/10

Slick layouts paired with bold visual media such as video and graphics help deliver an impactful experience when viewing this website. 

Key Messaging – 6/10

Aside from the product pages, there is very little in the way of messaging. The website relies more on visual content. There are short headlines on the home page sections but they could do with some supporting copy.

UX – 9/10

There is lots of interactivity spread across the site with video content combined with subtle animations on scroll and hover. The product detail sections are interesting with the use of side scrolling. It also boasts a high quality product configurator. All of the above ensure a smooth and engaging experience. 

User Journeys – 7/10

The home page and the navigation is well segregated with the latter possessing mega menus with intuitive hover effects. The only negatives is the microcopy in the navigation and on the home page isn’t always clear for what the page content is about such as ‘Auto’ to access models. I think the models should be more prominent on the home page too. 

Uniqueness/Memorability – 9/10

A combination of brand inspired UI and interactivity result in a unique experience on this website. The typography, colours and ui elements help the website feel on brand evoking feelings of speed and aerodynamics. 

3 Improvement Areas

  • More supporting copy to guide the user on the home page
  • More clear microcopy when it comes to buttons and navigation links
  • More focus on models on the home page


The website delivers an engaging and memorable experience through its combination of impactful visuals, interactivity, and well-designed product pages. However, there is limited messaging and unclear microcopy in the navigation and home page. The brand-inspired UI evokes a sense of speed and aerodynamics, making for a unique user experience.

Overall Score – 40/50

Aston Martin

Impact – 10/10

It does everything right! On load you are presented with a cinematic video leaving a great first impression. As you scroll down the page, the car models are presented perfectly with 3D rotating models before you are hit with more cinematic content and sharp layouts. The product pages also leave a lasting impression with large high quality imagery and slick layouts. 

Key Messaging – 8/10

On the home page, there is little in terms of supporting copy but there are clear taglines for both product and brand. The key messaging on product pages is shaped by quotes from senior members of staff which really gives it a human touch. 

UX – 10/10

A combination of cinematic visual content and intuitive interactions such as the rotating model slider on the home page and sticky scrolling result in a memorable experience. The product configurator has some really engaging features such as night mode, environments and animations.  

User Journeys – 10/10

The home page clearly signposts different areas of the website such as products and brand related content. On product pages, there is a really intuitive sub navigation which couples breadcrumbs with anchor links and also a filter between models. Call to actions are clear with a focus on directing users to the configurator.

Uniqueness/Memorability – 9/10

The cinematic content combined with interesting layouts really make this website stand out within the industry. There are also some nice individual touches such as the preloader and the custom cursor on slider sections. 

3 Improvement Areas

  • More supporting copy on the home page
  • Some pages felt a little less thought out such as the Valhalla product
  • Introduction of images in the navigation


Experience the perfect blend of visual storytelling and interactive design with this website, featuring a cinematic video on load, 3D rotating models, high-quality imagery, slick layouts, and an engaging product configurator with night mode, environments, and animations. Navigate with ease through its clear taglines, call to actions, and intuitive sub-navigation, all while being treated to unique individual touches such as a preloader and custom cursor.

Overall Score – 47/50


Impact – 6/10

Impact is delivered through the product photography but it is not given much breathing room or laid out in a way which elevates the photography. 

Key Messaging – 6/10

There is effective key messaging from a product point of view but the home page lacks any brand driven messaging. 

UX – 7/10

There are some interactive features on the product pages such as 3D models, configurators and sticky scrolling sections. Aside from that, the website is a little static and would benefit from some interactive content such as video or scrolling effects.

User Journeys – 8/10

The home page is well segregated with clear explanatory headers. The navigation is well split up with the main focus on products whilst a secondary navigation provides clear links to other areas of the website. The sub navigation on product pages also benefits the experience. I think the call to actions could be a little more prominent and featured within the sub navigation. 

Uniqueness/Memorability – 7/10

The navigation is very unique showcasing thumbnails of each of the models with intuitive mega menus on hover. The rest of the site lacks originality with standard layouts and underwhelming styling. 

3 Improvement Areas

  • A more interactive home page that features video and scrolling effects
  • More prominent CTAs
  • A cleaner layout with more breathing room between elements and sections


The website needs elevating with a more sophisticated layout and dynamic interactive elements such as videos and scrolling effects. The brand messaging is lacking on the home page while the product key messaging remains strong. Navigation is made easy with clear headers, well-defined main and secondary navigation, and intuitive sub-navigation on product pages. The call to actions could be more prominent. Despite a lack of originality in design, the website stands out due to its unique navigation that showcases model thumbnails and features intuitive mega menus.

Overall Score – 34/50


Impact – 9/10

Powerful visual content combined with minimalist layouts with an abundance of white space help create a lot of impact on the website. The hero banner provides a strong first impression with an emotive brand message paired with a bold navigation. 

Key Messaging – 9/10

The home page has a good mixture of brand and product led key messaging with short emotive statements that encourage you to dive deeper.

UX – 10/10

The website is full of interactive elements. Smooth entrance animations and scrolling effects throughout gives the user a fluid experience. The product pages ooze interactivity with cursor effects, scrolling effects and configurators. The call to action is also very interactive with sticky scrolling effects which toggle through the 3 actions of purchase, finance and services.

User Journeys – 9/10

The navigation is well structured and the home page sections mimic this structure which gives a synchronized experience for the user offering 2 ways of getting to the main pages of the website. The sticky navigation is intuitive with the links reappearing on an upward scroll. The call to action is split into 3 categories with further links on each one giving the user plenty of control. I believe the product pages would benefit from a sub navigation.

Uniqueness/Memorability – 10/10

The website has many unique elements such as the real estate on the navigation and the dynamic call to action. The many interactions especially on product pages make it a memorable experience.

3 Improvement Areas

  • Adding a sub navigation to product pages
  • More impactful typography in areas of the website such as home
  • Some microcopy for sections need a bit more clarity


Experience a harmonious blend of powerful visual content and minimalist design, with a website that boasts an abundance of white space and emotive brand messages. Navigate with ease through a well-structured layout and interact with the site through fluid animations, scrolling effects, and configurators. The sticky scrolling call to action and unique navigation make for a memorable user experience.

Overall Score – 47/50


Impact – 10/10

The Maserati home page leaves a lasting impression with powerful imagery and video, unique layouts combined with fluid animation and interactions and strong typography.

Key Messaging – 9/10

There is a good mixture of brand and product driven messaging on the home page with each product having a tagline and a carousel in the hero banner with a variety of messages for different areas of the business. If anything, I think the home page is missing a mission statement. 

UX – 10/10

The website leaves you fully engaged with interactivity in abundance. The home page has an dynamic hero banner carousel, a really unique models slider, scrolling effects and an intuitive news section. The product pages perfectly hones in on the product features using scroll effects to their advantage. 

User Journeys – 9/10

The navigation is well structured and easy to follow with 3 sections of models, brand and ownership. A sub navigation on product pages allows easy access to all content. There are clear call to actions with the 5 main options that fall under ‘shopping tools’. If anything, I think there should be more brand content on the home page to direct users to brand information.

Uniqueness/Memorability – 10/10

The website is really unique modern scrolling techniques, typography and interactions that are unmatched within the industry. The models slider on the home page is a standout section. 

3 Improvement Areas

  • Mission statement on home page
  • More brand content on home page
  • More prominent call to actions on home page


The Maserati home page leaves a lasting impression, featuring powerful imagery, unique layouts, fluid animations and interactions, and strong typography. Navigate with ease through a well-structured website, showcasing a balanced mix of brand and product messaging. Immerse yourself in a highly engaging user experience, highlighted by dynamic features such as the hero banner carousel, models slider, scrolling effects, and intuitive news section. The product pages showcase product features with effective scroll effects, while the clear call to actions and sub-navigation on product pages make navigation effortless. 

Overall Score – 48/50


Impact – 5/10

There is a focus on product photography on the Audi website to deliver impact. However, it isn’t given enough real estate which is particularly evident on the home page. There are also really small 3D models of the cars which doesn’t sell the product. Typography could also be used to better effect.

Key Messaging – 4/10

There is very little inspirational messaging on the Audi home page about the products or the brand other than the hero banner and some small cards right at the bottom of the page. The messaging is much more effective on the product pages.

UX – 6/10

There are some interactive features on product pages such as subtle entrance animations and scroll effects but the website is pretty static in general. I think the introduction of rotatable 3D models, video content and sticky scrolling effects would improve the overall experience. 

User Journeys – 8/10

In general, sections are well signposted, the navigation is clear and the ability to search for stock is useful. The sub navigation on product pages also helps the user navigate. My negative points are the inability to access all models from the navigation and the prominence of call to actions.

Uniqueness/Memorability – 5/10

The website is very basic in design and layout especially on the home page. The product page is a little more unique but it could still be taken a lot further. 

Improvement Areas

  • Bigger photography and 3D models on home page
  • More inspirational messaging on the home page
  • More interactive experience with the use of 3D models, video and scroll effects


The Audi website’s focus on product photography is limited by its real estate on the home page and lacks impactful use of typography. The home page messaging falls short, but the product pages effectively communicate their information. Despite the lack of interactivity, the website’s navigation is clear and allows for searching stock, but the prominence of call to actions and access to all models from the navigation can be improved. The overall design and layout of the website is basic, but the product page offers slightly more unique elements with room for further enhancement.

Overall Score – 28/50

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