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A New Website to Raise the Online Spirits of an Innovative Distillery

The Holyrood Distillery team approached KIJO to help improve their digital presence through the build of a brand new website.

The distillery based in Edinburgh adopt an innovative approach to distilling with “hands-on tours offering full exposure to the process” and already had a strong brand, what they lacked was an engaging online footprint.

Through the creation of a new website., we were able to help the distillery to tell their brand story and convert users, as well as offering an easy way for the team to update the content and build new landing pages in the future.


/10 on client survey regarding the ease of updating content


Average Session Time


Increase in Product Sales

An Engaging Customer Journey

In order to portray the overarching brand story to potential customers, we created an Our Story page that detailed the brand’s history, their unique approach to distilling and their expert team.

We also introduced sub-brand landing pages, each of which included tailored content and unique branding such as contextual information, products and FAQs.

In order to improve the conversion rates for the tours and products on offer, we created a clearer layout and content presentation to customers. This included ensuring there was less scrolling required for users to see all distillery tours available and the addition of an FAQ section to provide useful information.

For the product pages we introduced content such as tasting notes and perfect serves in order to appeal to enthusiasts. We also added intuitive features such as a such as a sticky CTA bar with bespoke colours for each product further improved the overall experience and chance of conversions.

The addition of CTA buttons throughout the page, such as “Book a Tour” and “Related Products” created a clear user journey and encouraged conversions.
We also created a range of motion effects for the product pages that made product browsing a more enjoyable and engaging experience for users.

A Website to Increase Sessions

The Holyrood Distillery team had a clear idea in mind as to what they wanted their website to achieve and the KIJO team were able to convert this into a set of goals for the project.

We worked to achieve key targets of increasing the time spent on the website per session, increasing the conversion rate for tour bookings and product sales — improving the usability of the backend of the website for the Holyrood team.

The new website would allow them to assess if the existing Holyrood brand story was resonating with the target audience and leading to conversions.

A Website to Grow With the Brand

An essential part of the new website for the Holyrood team was the implementation of a WordPress CMS that was easy to update and use for various team members.

The KIJO web experts therefore created a landing page template that Holyrood staff can chop and change to create their own targeted landing pages for specific content and audiences. The Holyrood team will be able to use the Elementor page builder set up by KIJO to easily expand the website in the future, ensuring the website grows alongside the brand.

The addition of custom posts types for tours and awards can easily be inputted into the CMS whilst the creation of custom fields on the woocommerce products means that all content is pulled through from the content management system. This ensures it’s easy to update and populate product and tour information when new options become available.

The Results

After in-depth work by KIJO the new Holyrood Distillery website launched, creating a digital presence that amplified their existing brand.

The new website offers a much more engaging and smoother journey for users. The new content and structure allows Holyrood to signpost to their main business focuses, such as distillery tours, in order to increase bookings, and the online shop to increase product sales.

Visitors to the Holyrood website are able to become instantly familiar with the brand and its story.