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Ranking the Best of the Best: 160 Top Luxury Websites Rated 2023

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  • June 9, 2023

What is a luxury business? We can define it as a brand providing high-quality, expensive services that seem to be prestigious in one way or another. Typically, luxury brands have high-end clientele with a lot of money to spend. As such, much depends on presenting your brand as truly luxurious. 

Ultimately, websites form one of the primary ways people form opinions. If you own a multi-billion dollar luxury business, you need a site that represents this. Some brands do this fantastically and create luxury websites that look the part. The moment you land on the welcome page you know that this business is prestigious. Others, however, don’t have a clue. 

At KIJO, we’ve decided to write 160 reviews of luxury websites from multiple industries. We’ve scoured the web and analysed each site in as much detail as possible. We want to know what’s good, what’s bad and what needs to immediately be removed from the website. 

Our review process is extensive and calls upon our many years of luxury web design expertise. Predominantly, we focus on the following dimensions: impact, messaging, user interface, user journey, uniqueness and memorability. Each site is then given a final score along with three ways in which it could improve. We’ll dive deeper into our metrics throughout this guide, so carry on reading to learn more – and to see the websites up for evaluation. 

The Luxury Websites We’re Reviewing

As mentioned, we plan on writing 160 reviews. This will be split across 16 luxury industries, totalling 10 reviews each. Here is a breakdown of the industries and websites we’ll evaluate: 


  1. Rolls-Royce – One of the highest-end auto brands out there, known for its luxury design features
  2. Bentley – A premium car manufacturer with an emphasis on high-powered vehicles
  3. Lamborghini – Italian sports car brand that revolutionised the way supercars were designed with innovative features and angular designs
  4. Bugatti – A highly exclusive luxury brand with a very niche market producing million-dollar hypercars
  5. Ferrari – The most iconic car manufacturer in the world, produces luxury Italian supercars
  6. Aston Martin – A luxury brand from the UK, built itself around style and sophistication
  7. Porsche – Known for high-performance, technologically advanced German luxury cars
  8. Mercedes-Benz – Leads the way in automotive innovation and produces luxury executive cars, estates and more
  9. Maserati – The luxury Italian car brand aimed at executives with its premium sedan and 5-seater models
  10. Audi – A pioneer of innovation, produces highly technical cars for daily use. Packed full of features and technology

The automotive industry is full of massive luxury brands that depend on their premium status to sell truly expensive vehicles. We’re looking for websites that reflect this and are worthy of such massive brand names. 


Fashion Websites
  1. Gucci – Italian luxury fashion brand mostly known for its expensive handbags and shoes
  2. Louis Vuitton – One of the premium French brands that specialise in opulent leather goods
  3. Chanel – An iconic beauty brand known for luxury scented perfumes and clothing
  4. Hermès – A leading provider of high-end clothing and accessories
  5. Prada – Another Italian fashion brand aimed at the wealthy, is largely known for its unique and modern designs
  6. Burberry – One of the icons of British fashion, completely transformed the industry with its plaid pattern style
  7. Dior – Elegance and sophistication are the two words that come to mind when looking at this French fashion brand
  8. Saint Laurent – One of the oldest brands in high fashion, sets new trends with edgy clothing designs
  9. Valentino – The signature Valentino red is known throughout the world of fashion. This brand sets itself apart with romantic and glamorous twists
  10. Balenciaga – A highly trendy name in luxury fashion, popular with younger generations thanks to its unique clothing designs

We specifically looked at luxury brands dealing in high fashion. There’s an eclectic mix, with each one having specific brand messages it needs to get across through its web design. The question is, which ones manage this better than others?


Watch Websites
  1. Rolex – The most renowned watch manufacturer. Known for extremely expensive timepieces that stand the test of time
  2. Patek Philippe – A Swiss watch brand specialising in intricate designs and innovative watch movements
  3. Audemars Piguet – A high-end brand at the forefront of mechanical watches, creating new ideas all the time
  4. Omega – Leading the way in sporty watch design while retaining luxury value and aesthetics
  5. IWC Schaffhausen – Swiss watch brand utilising expensive materials to produce precise watches that stand out
  6. Jaeger-LeCoultre – One of the pioneers of innovation in the luxury watch industry, known for some truly iconic designs
  7. Breitling – A watch manufacturer known for magnificent designs inspired by the aviation industry
  8. Hublot – A Swiss brand that brings the future to luxury watches with high-tech materials and features
  9. Panerai – The leading Italian luxury watch brand in the world. Most noted for its high-performance diving watches
  10. Vacheron Constantin – Known across the world for intricate and highly technical watches that are worth a fortune

Luxury watch brands have very distinct target audiences which means everything about their websites has to be perfect. We’re on the hunt for luxury websites that reflect and encapsulate the high-value nature of these brands – they need to look and feel as good as the timepieces themselves. 

Home Improvement

Home Improvement Websites
  1. Sub-Zero – American luxury appliance brand that produces sophisticated fridges and freezers
  2. Wolf – A huge supplier of magnificent ovens and cookers made from premium materials
  3. Miele – A luxury brand known for its German engineering, sells vacuum cleaners, washing machines and more
  4. Gaggenau – One of the premium suppliers of luxury kitchen appliances throughout Europe
  5. Thermador – Innovation is the name of the game with this exclusive American appliance brand
  6. Dacor – A luxury brand based in America that produces stylish kitchen appliances
  7. La Cornue – This unique French brand makes everything from scratch and offers bespoke kitchen ranges and ovens
  8. Viking – An expensive kitchen appliance brand that builds premium products at premium prices
  9. Jenn-Air – A provider of sophisticated kitchen appliances with a focus on cookers and ovens
  10. Bosch – One of the most well-known brands in the world, consistently produces innovative kitchen products made with German engineering

Prestigious home improvement brands have to convey a sense of quality that encourages customers to invest money in their products over basic brands. As such, their websites become incredibly crucial to maintain this luxury image. We’re expecting ten websites that stand out in the home improvement field. 


Hotel Websites
  1. Four Seasons – A massive luxury hotel brand with high-end amenities and gigantic suites
  2. Ritz Carlton – The most prestigious hotel company in the world. Offers world-class dining and grand rooms across the globe
  3. Mandarin Oriental – Extravagant brand with luxury 5-star hotels and resorts worldwide
  4. Aman Resorts – A lavish hotel brand known for its impressive hotels in exotic destinations
  5. Belmond – Providers of premium hotels, trains, river cruises and safaris in top worldwide destinations
  6. Rosewood Hotels – A brand specialising in personalised experiences throughout its range of 5-star hotels
  7. St. Regis Hotels – An upscale hotel brand that brings sophisticated class and gives it a modern twist
  8. The Luxury Collection – A high-end brand that brings you extraordinary boutique hotels across the globe
  9. InterContinental Hotels – Upscale hotels offering personalised experiences designed to immerse guests in the local culture
  10. The Leading Hotels of the World – A top brand bringing a collection of hotels and resorts that push the boundaries through exceptional quality and service

These top-tier leisure brands all push the boundaries when it comes to exclusive experiences for travellers. The question is, do their websites reflect this? They need to provide an equally impressive experience when users are scrolling. 


  1. Glossier – An upcoming beauty brand that sells exclusive skincare and makeup products designed to look natural
  2. Allbirds – A footwear company with a difference. Allbirds makes sustainable shoes that retain a sense of luxury
  3. Away – This luxury brand makes innovative luggage solutions designed to last and stand out
  4. Brooklinen – A bedding company focusing on bringing premium materials to the home with its range of exceptional bed sheets
  5. Warby Parker – Manufactures and sells stylish glasses and sunglasses with prescription lenses for the luxury market
  6. ThirdLove – Opulent lingerie company creating comfortable bras and underwear for all women
  7. Casper – A leading innovator in the mattress world, taking the industry to new heights with its premium products
  8. Hims – An upscale men’s wellness brand that sells a plethora of high-quality products to tackle common health problems
  9. Quip – Sleek and with a focus on minimalism, this dental brand takes toothbrushes to the next level
  10. Dollar Shave Club – A grooming brand that produces majestic products available via a subscription service

With DTC luxury brands, we’re looking at a range of different companies that crossover with different industries. Each one sells luxury goods that go directly to the consumer, so the user experience is more important than ever. 


  1. Lego – The most well-known toy brand in the world
  2. Playmobil – A German brand popular with young children, producing a range of figures and playsets
  3. Barbie – Huge fashion doll brand that’s known across the world and dominates its niche market
  4. Hot Wheels – Produces top-quality small toy cars that are capable of all sorts of stunts and tricks
  5. Thomas & Friends – Toys and sets inspired by the legendary Thomas The Tank Engine TV series for kids
  6. My Little Pony – A bright and colourful brand aimed at young kids and focusing on magical toy ponies with lots of accessories
  7. Nerf – Creator of sports toys for indoor/outdoor use, aimed at both children and adults
  8. Fisher-Price – One of the oldest toy brands in the world, mainly targets preschool kids and has toys designed to aid the development process
  9. Transformers – A huge brand from Hasbro that’s gone from making innovative action figures to multi-billion-dollar movie franchises
  10. Monopoly – The classic board game played around the world with a host of variants

Toy company websites are difficult to judge as they need to remain playful yet still get across the message that their products are expensive and worth the money. It’s a tricky line to tread and some do it much better than others. 


  1. Bugaboo – Creators of upmarket strollers that provide functionality with a high level of style
  2. UPPAbaby – Brand that makes luxury car seats and strollers with innovative safety technologies
  3. BabyBjörn – Produces premium baby products with an emphasis on high-quality ergonomics for added comfort
  4. Chicco – Company that makes revolutionary new baby gear that’s built to last and contains high functionality
  5. Graco – Manufactures and sells beautiful baby gear products that are built with 60 years of innovation behind them
  6. Maxi-Cosi – A very exclusive brand that makes extremely high-quality car seats and strollers using premium materials
  7. BOB – Creates upmarket strollers and baby products that are designed for outdoor use and aimed at wealthy active families
  8. Evenflo – A plush baby brand that sells everything from car seats to thermometers, all packed full of intriguing features
  9. Britax – Sells posh car seats, pushchairs and accessories at extravagant prices
  10. Safety 1st – Upscale baby brand that sells practical baby gear full of innovative safety features

These ten luxury baby brands all sell similar products and share the exact same audience. We’re interested to see which websites manage to stand out and what features they rely upon to do this in such a saturated market. 


  1. Ralph Lauren – This gigantic American fashion brand brings its iconic preppy style to children through a variety of products
  2. Gucci – Brings a unique high-fashion flair to childrenswear with impeccably styled clothing items
  3. Burberry – Offers designer children’s clothing with the unique Burberry pattern
  4. Moncler – Make very high-end designed jackets and outdoor clothing aimed at children
  5. Fendi – Introduces Italian luxury fashion to the children’s market with timeless collections
  6. Armani Junior – Adds a touch of sophistication to kid’s clothes and brings the traditional Armani brand to a younger market
  7. Dolce & Gabbana – Designs swanky children’s clothing and outfits with extravagant and majestic designs
  8. Young Versace – The child-oriented branch of Versace, offers clothes rich with gold detailing and truly grand designs
  9. Kenzo Kids – Expensive and eclectic fashion brand that offers new and funky styles across its children’s range
  10. Dior Children – A legendary fashion brand that adds elegance and a ritzy feel to kids’ clothes

Some of the brands on this list are also on our main fashion list. However, most will have their own dedicated website for kids, which means we’re keen to see how the web design differs across the board. What elements and ideas are used to push the “children’s” angle while retaining a sense of extravagance?


  1. Vera Wang – Known for truly elegant and modern bridal designs that set the standard across the industry
  2. Monique Lhuillier – A produce of genuinely marvellous wedding gowns that exude luxury and romance
  3. Oscar de la Renta – An innovator in the wedding industry, blends traditional and contemporary styles for a sumptuous effect
  4. Marchesa – Creates bridal gowns full of tiny intricate details that add to the exclusive style
  5. Reem Acra – A world-renowned designer known for her breathtaking collections and unique embroideries
  6. Naeem Khan – Producer of glamorous bridal designs with intricate patterns and stunning fine details
  7. Lazaro – Leads the way in modern bridal gown design with fashion-forward ideas and contemporary trends
  8. Hayley Paige – Designs fun and majestic bridal gowns that focus on celebrating femininity
  9. Amsale – Takes simple designs and creates a true sense of timeless beauty and glamour
  10. Ines Di Santo – Combines sophistication and glamour in her collections to produce true luxury wedding dresses

The luxury wedding industry is extremely upmarket and the websites need to showcase this. We’ve chosen ten of the most upscale and luxurious brands we could find, but will their sites live up to our rigorous tests?

Personal Care

  1. Kiehl’s – A skincare brand that produces very high-quality products for multiple skin types and conditions
  2. Aesop – Focuses on skincare and body care using premium plant-based products and sustainable packaging
  3. Malin + Goetz – Sells luxury apothecary creations that blend beauty and wellness together
  4. L’Occitane – Natural beauty and skincare products from an award-winning French brand
  5. Jo Malone – Offers unique and glamorous scents in the form of luxury candles, body sprays and more
  6. Molton Brown – A bath and body care brand that produces lavish products inspired by exotic countries
  7. Acqua di Parma – Provides sophisticated fragrances and body care products for men and women
  8. Le Labo – A stylish fragrance brand that goes the extra mile with handmade, personalised products
  9. Diptyque – Specialises in unique and refined fragrances through a range of upmarket products
  10. Caudalie – Harnesses the power of botanical ingredients to offer natural skincare with a premium feel

Personal care is a growing industry adding more and more prestigious brands every year. It was hard picking only ten brands, but these ones got the nod because they’ve done excellent jobs of establishing themselves as classy companies that are a cut above the norm. 


  1. Chanel – Synonymous with timeless fragrances and elegant makeup products
  2. Dior – Produces sophisticated and classy makeup, along with exclusive fragrances and skincare products
  3. Estée Lauder – Focuses on anti-ageing products marketed at a wealthy audience
  4. Shiseido – A leading Japanese beauty brand that uses innovative technology to give its products a premium edge
  5. Lancôme – French brand that makes sumptuous beauty products and fragrances
  6. La Mer – Uses natural ingredients sourced from the sea to create enticing high-class beauty products
  7. Yves – Makes luxury makeup, skincare and fragrances while incorporating the iconically bold YSL style
  8. La Prairie – Incorporates incredibly decadent ingredients in its beauty products, such as gold and caviar
  9. Sisley – An industry leader in luxury plant-based beauty products spanning skincare, makeup and fragrances
  10. Clé de Peau Beauté – Another truly innovative Japanese brand that makes prestigious beauty products aimed at anti-ageing

Our ten beauty brands all have their own niche audiences within the luxury beauty industry. It will be interesting to see which brands do the best job of capturing their markets and convincing them to buy premium beauty products. Particularly in an age where budget beauty products are all the rage. 


  1. Four Seasons
  2. Ritz Carlton
  3. Mandarin Oriental
  4. Aman Resorts
  5. Belmond
  6. Rosewood Hotels
  7. St. Regis Hotels
  8. The Luxury Collection
  9. InterContinental Hotels
  10. The Leading Hotels of the World

You’ll notice all ten of the top luxury hotel brands are the same as our luxury leisure brands. This is simply because these brands are so big and prestigious they dominate both industries. 


  1. Moet & Chandon – Arguably the most known champagne brand in the world, has been producing luxury sparkling wine since the 18th Century
  2. Veuve Clicquot – Recognised thanks to a distinctive orange label, another premium champagne producer in France
  3. Dom Perignon – Only produces vintage champagne with each bottle created from a single grape harvest each year
  4. Louis Roederer – An ancient French brand that’s been at the forefront of the industry since the 1700s
  5. Bollinger – Produces premium champagne full of luxurious and rich flavour notes
  6. Krug – Makes multi-vintage champagne bottles and prides itself on the majestic taste of its grapes
  7. Perrier-Jouet – Creates light and floral champagne but its unique Art Nouveau bottles are a symbol of opulence
  8. Pol Roger – Known for sheer elegance and fine style, this champagne brand has been at it since the 1800s
  9. Taittinger – Has made world-renowned and award-winning bottles of sumptuous champagne for centuries
  10. Hennessy – The only non-champagne brand on our list, Hennessy is a globally-known cognac brand that’s made some iconic blends 

These ten brands are the most upmarket of all brands in the luxury alcohol sector. It’s a competitive place, particularly between the champagne brands. We’re hoping to see if the websites convince us that the brands are worth the high prices for their products.

Yachts & Boats

  1. Azimut – Italian yacht manufacturer with a firm focus on luxurious amenities and features
  2. Ferretti – Primarily produces massive superyachts that are worth millions of dollars
  3. Sunseeker – A leading provider of luxury performance motor yachts from the UK
  4. Princess – Manufacturer custom-built upmarket yachts of all sizes
  5. Benetti – Has produced some of the largest and most extravagant superyachts in the world
  6. Riva – Famous for unique and sleek yacht designs that exude style and sophistication
  7. Sanlorenzo – Brings traditional Italian flair and a modern style to its range of superyachts
  8. Pershing – Makers of some of the fastest superyachts in the world with a focus on premium performance
  9. Cranchi – Creates highly stylish yachts with insane attention to detail and innovative features
  10. Sealine – UK-based yacht manufacturer with a fleet of impressive yachts and cruisers boasting modern luxury designs

Yachts and boats are the pinnacles of luxury, aimed at a very niche market of million and billionaires. With products so expensive and regal, we really expect the websites to be a cut above the norm. Our team will keep an eye out for design elements and features that scream luxury. 


  1. Abercrombie & Kent – Travel company providing personalised tours to lavish destinations
  2. Belmond – An exclusive hospitality brand with luxury hotels and river cruises all over the planet
  3. Cox & Kings – Provides cultural tours, safaris and many other high-end travel experiences
  4. Intrepid Travel – Offers sustainable travel experiences with luxury twists in destinations filled with hidden gems
  5. Micato Safaris – A family-owned company in East Africa that offers bespoke tours and safaris across the continent
  6. Regent Seven Seas Cruises – Provides all-inclusive expensive cruises all over the world with stunning suites and amenities onboard
  7. Seabourn – Takes luxury cruises to the next level with gourmet cuisine and a five-star service
  8. Silversea – Headquartered in glamorous Monaco, this brand offers ultra-luxury cruises to exotic destinations
  9. Tauck – Operates guides tours and river cruises in grand locations with a majestic twist
  10. Uniworld Boutique River Cruises – All-inclusive voyages are provided to famous destinations with an emphasis on decadence and splendour

High-end travel companies provide highly expensive services that are aimed at a select few. The ten brands above are known for their unique offerings that bring luxurious experiences to travellers all over the world. Each website has to come with a level of prestige that blows us away. 

The Review Process: How We Determined the Best Luxury Websites

The team at KIJO has a very strict review process we go through when evaluating luxury websites. Here’s a closer look at the metrics we use and why they’re important: 

#1 Impact

To begin, we look at the impact web design has on the customer. This includes image quality, menu arrangements, videos, etc…

Primarily, we’re keen to see what the site brings to the customer when they land on the site. Luxury brands need to have an instant impact that intrigues the user and tells them everything they need to know about their products/services. 

#2 Key Messaging

What messages do these luxury websites give to audiences? 

This is a crucial way of establishing the brand’s ethos. It tells customers what the brand is about and what it stands for. Communicating this information to customers is pivotal if you want people to make purchases. The best luxury websites get all their key messages and ideas across right away. 

#3 UX

We always value UX because it improves the customer’s experience on the website. Luxury sites need to load instantly and be super easy to navigate. 

Not only that, but they should look the part! A luxury site needs to appear prestigious and sleek. Users should enjoy their stay on the site and feel like they’re getting a better experience than they’re used to online. 

#4 User Journeys

A user journey refers to the path someone takes on a website. In an ideal world, luxury websites create excellent user journeys whereby customers can land on the site and get around without requiring any assistance. 

This is crucial when it comes to your sales funnel. Good user journeys will mean you capture leads and guide them through the funnel until they’ve been converted. 

#5 Uniqueness

One of the key things that separate luxury brands from other brands is their perceived uniqueness. People are willing to pay more for a brand that looks different and sets itself apart from the rest. 

Naturally, we will rate unique websites higher than ones that look very generic. Having a totally unique luxury website enables a brand to stick in the minds of consumers for longer

Improvement Areas

After reviewing each site and looking at the five metrics, we conjure up three improvement areas that will help the brands. 

Every website will have at least three improvement areas; no luxury site is completely perfect. The exact improvements depend on what we discover during the reviews. For instance, a site may provide a great UX, yet it isn’t particularly unique. Or a site may nail most things but struggle when it comes to communicating key messages. 

Summary Score

Finally, we give scores for each of the metrics out of ten, leading to an overall score out of fifty. Each luxury website is then given its score with a summary of what we found. 

What Makes Us Qualified To Review Luxury Website Design?

At KIJO, we have decades of experience dealing with web design and crafting luxury websites for clients across numerous industries. 

We’ve worked with premium companies, designing bespoke websites that perfectly encapsulate the aura of the brand. Throughout this time, we’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t. We spend a lot of time testing each site to ensure it’s as perfect as possible. This means we know what it takes to create a luxury website that actually provides the desired outcomes. 
We take this expertise and apply it to our review process. Feel free to check out the reviews as they come out, and if you need help improving your luxury website, get in touch with us today.

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