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Birmingham City University Advantage

Putting Entrepreneurs at the Heart of Web Design

BCU Advantage, a business growth network run by Birmingham City University, supports businesses in the West Midlands at all stages of their development.

Putting User Journeys First

We created a website for BCUAdvantage that disrupts the typical corporate services structure and image, offering a fresh, modern look to resonate with twenty first-century businesses. The homepage presents a directive call to action, putting visitors on a path to realising their business ideas. We put the user’s intentions at the heart of their journey with options to ‘Start’, ‘Grow’ or ‘Innovate Your Business’. Selecting one of these options funnels users into a page showing only the relevant services for their stage of business development.
The headings on the site put the user at the heart of the action, addressing them as ‘You’. By selecting an option which begins with ‘I Want To…’, users are encouraged to take ownership of their ambitions, taking their next step in a confident and positive way. The new website is easier to navigate than the old, highlighting only the relevant services for each customer.

An Enquiry Process that Engages

The inherited enquiry form was crowded and uninformative, with too many services and a boring design. Our challenge was to create a form which showed all relevant services but avoided appearing cluttered or overwhelming.
To solve this problem, we provided a bespoke multi-step form. Users are funnelled to the most appropriate service lists by clicking through the form in stages, indicating what stage of development they are at before viewing their options. The new form is more modern and engaging, with a minimalist design and a bright pink accent. We replaced the dull check-boxes with vibrant cards to select. The whole process is simpler and more accessible for users.
The form also populates automatically for repeat users, as it remembers what the user has previously entered, and the service page from which they have accessed it. If a user is reading about the BCUA start-up incubator before they click ‘Make an Enquiry’, they will see ‘I Want to Start a Business’ and ‘Incubator’ preselected in the form. At this stage the user can add services in which they are interested and information about their business to complete the enquiry.